Top Fun Mini Games

Top Fun Mini Games

Top Fun Mini Games

The world of mini games is huge. They vary in design, platforms and have unique concepts. And yet, they’re highly hooking and serve as a perfect distraction from a routine. Check out the following list of different types with bright examples.

For Smartphones

As we always have phones at hand, it’s convenient to download a couple of adventures. And play on the go or when having a break.

For Smartphones

A legendary example is Doodle Jump. It caused a lot of hype when it hit the market several years ago. And still attracts a lot of attention. Jump up over static, moving, and fragile platforms. The goal is to last as long as possible. Have a look at how it was changing over the years:

Fruit Ninja

Another hit is Fruit Ninja. Designed to make epic cuts and slices, it turned out to be very addictive. The activity trains one’s reaction and is simply enjoyable. This is an animated trailer:

Mini Games For PC

In case you prefer playing digital toys from home, there’re a lot of PC options. They’re usually repetitive and meditative with addictive content that hooks. Revive childhood memories: revisit classic games with vast library of emulator games.

Swords and Souls: Neverseen is a 2019 RPG set in a fantasy world. Here you train your character through mini-games, increase stats and take part in battles. These are short and turn-based encounters with all kinds of creatures trying to kill you. Level up to proceed to more challenging monsters. Click here to learn more:


These are browser adventures that run without any installation procedures. With simple mechanics, decent graphics, and easy access, they are fun to try.

Spider-man Venom’s

Spider-man Venom’s Vengeance is a test for your reaction speed. Move the superhero back and forth to destroy every villain’s brick. Make every action fast and precise. Don’t let the ball fall!


These are mini side-quests that are part of bigger projects. They are a break from the basic storyline. And give you a chance to do something entirely different from the primary gameplay.

Legend of Zelda

A viral 16-bit title is the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It’s a famous action-adventure released by Nintendo in 1991. It focuses on fighting enemies, traveling between 2 worlds, and saving a princess. Its cool mini-tasks are built into the plot and are a pleasure to play. Looking for something out of the ordinary? Skibidi Toilet is the answer! Click to explore this internet sensation.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a cool open-world RPG with a unique atmosphere. Loads of missions, fighting, and slaying monsters are complemented by Gwent. It is a complicated but highly engaging card game. Its rocking success allowed it to grow into a separate title. And now both fans and newcomers can enjoy this one of the best mini games. Watch the epic trailer here: