✔️ 4 AWESOME Minecraft Redstone Minigames! (Tutorials Included) - minigamesltc.site

✔️ 4 AWESOME Minecraft Redstone Minigames! (Tutorials Included)

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● Water Drop:

● Impossible Arrow:

● Lie Detector:

● Pie Face:

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  1. The way that he said "ooooo looks like I got that first shot" makes me feel like it's taken him like 20 times to do it and he just cut it

  2. How did the lie detector know I didn't hit the like button and then I did!??!?!?!

  3. Pie face?More like lava face because there’s love underneath you

  4. Man, you app dont bring new redstone things anymore 🙁

  5. I made the pie face game 😀
    But using command blocks and my own ideas because i have bedrock but thanks for the idea!

  6. Lie detector is 50% accurate when it said i lied over liking vid I actually did not like vid yet when it said truth about it i still have not liked the vid am gonna do it now

  7. I remember watching this a long time ago.I just found it again 4 years later..The memories just flows back 😀

  8. 1. I woke up
    2. I went outside
    3. I see my girlfriend
    4. We hold hands
    Now say that starting with 2. and ending with 1.

  9. Where is the tutorial to the water drop?

  10. Come on guys, you don't searched for it. It got on your recommend after 4 years

  11. Can you do ttorials on how to program or MOD……. I really want to learn how you do these awesome things………

  12. Imagine playing Pie Face in Hardcore mode lol

  13. Qution: did you hit the like button
    Me: no
    Lie detector: lie

  14. This is 4 years ago but this was useful for my carnival

  15. How did you know i didnt like and i said yes LOL.

  16. Have you guys hit the button now

    Me: no

    Lie detector :truth

    Him: ahh thank you

  17. It think the water drop game got a lot easier to make

  18. Wait mrcrayfish mr cray fish i know you crated laptop printer and router mod!

  19. why would we "snap that like button" before we like the video?

  20. "So you can get hit by cream"
    lava noises intensify

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