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🔴 LIVE – Surprise stream!!! (Minecraft Mini Games)

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  1. NETTTTTYTYYYYYYYTT YOUR BACK!! YESSSSSSS YOU GO GIRL!! I hope everything’s going good and I’ll be back as soon as I finish watching! C you all later!

  2. Couldn’t watch live because of timezones but I really enjoyed watching the vod. Amelia is adorable btw.

  3. AHHHH I’d can’t believe your back! I’ve missed your streams so much, love you 💕

  4. I still remember stampy's video sister challenge 😭 Brings back alot of memories

  5. Thank you for the stream, I didn't realise how much I missed you until I watched this! You are the reason I started playing Minecraft!

  6. Netty I remember when I always used to watch you, I went onto your channel and was so sad you werent doing videos anymore

  7. I'm so sad that I missed the stream. I was having an operation when she went live 😔

  8. I was so sad I missed this 😭. Been here since evo! 🥰

  9. Bob is glad you're doing well still and have a beautiful family now.

  10. Hi netty I heard your friend Ellie you hit 1million subs

  11. I subscribe like you told me to Roblox 🙂

  12. Hi Naddy do you remember when you asked people in Roblox to subscribe and I said yes that’s me

  13. im so happy i got to meet netty irl!! shes rlly rlly sweet :))

  14. Please join third life season 3 (whenever it happens!)

    EDIT: Season 4 now heh

  15. I hope you're doing okay Netty! I miss these videos and the music 🙂 it's soooo nostalgic. You helped me through some bad times a few years ago. You're awesome. HAPPY HOLIDAYS ❤

  16. i don’t know how i just realised that you streamed back in april wtf. i actually came back to watch minecraft evolution:) seeing some people in chat ive known since 2017 is crazy too :O anyways hope i don’t miss future streams my god. – puglover444 i am still here after 5 years🤗

  17. I was so excited and happy that she actually did stream and my notifications worked for this last year (even more happy that I was able to participate in the games), love your content Netty been here since 5 years ago and you're still just as entertaining and lovely as ever! We'll always be here and ready to greet you with love when the time finally comes for you to come back 😀 <3

  18. Dude i thought you was dead, i am so glad I can watch a nettyplays stream again

  19. New to this channel. I instantly loved watching this video. ❤️ I will definitely watch more. 🥰

  20. I am sad she is gone I hope she comes back!!!

  21. As of May 16 I got some exciting news for you all.

    Netty and Martyn have announced that Amelia is gonna become a big sister soon, Congratulations to Netty and Martyn

  22. When are you getting back to streams and videos

  23. Netty is it true have you really shut down your youtube channel

  24. Came looking for her after so long only to see the last thing posted was a year ago..
    My heart breaks today..

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