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🔴LIVE Cubecraft Minecraft Mini-Games! Cubecraft and Hive!

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Hey guys, so today this is my 80th livestream. Hope you all enjoy, support my livestream, and my channel! I may stream on twitch too. If you guys want you can help me while playing this game. Love doing livestreams so far! Anyways hope you guys enjoy the live stream! I’ll be postIng videos soon hopefully. I just started back to school so these live streams and videos depend on if I’m available or not. I’ll try my very best to keep making content for you all! I’ll also be doing more shorts on here too. Let me know what kind of shorts you guys want and I’ll get working on it. Also viewers are more than welcome to join me while playing. My recent live stream last night got a copyright claim. So I had to remove it. But I didn’t have any music on unless it was game music.

We hit 307 subscribers!!!! I’m so happy that this channel has reached another milestone!! Again, my next goal is to hit 350 subscribers! Thank you guys for the continued support on this channel! You guys are amazing!

Also we finally reached over 300 Subscribers! My next goal is to reach 300 subscribers! 😆

P.s. Again trying to hit 350 subscribers soon. Thank you for all of the support over the last year. Already been my 1 year anniversary on YouTube! This means a lot to me and to this channel in the future. You all that are subbed to me are Rockstars. Be on the watch for more video content coming out!

If you like the video smash that like button and also SUBSCRIBE! If you do subscribe you can join my parties in Cubecraft when I livestream and get a free shoutout in chat! It’s free and you can always change your mind whenever you want or feel like It. Hope you enjoy this video! 🙂

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Also credit for the texture pack for Minecraft goes to @HighOnLofiYT. I’ll put a link in the description soon. The texture pack I’m using right now:

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