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10 Removed Minigames in BULLY (Beta Analysis)

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Rockstar Games planned to include 10 additional minigames in ‘BULLY’.
This video is a quick rundown on the various Beta leftovers and clues that give us an idea of what these minigames were like.


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  1. Jesus Christ the bully beta was packed with shit. It’s like there’s another game in there

  2. So BMX Rumble would be the first ever existing Battle Royale?

  3. Smash tv thing is probably referring to the game

  4. Man I HATED the sumo mini game when you did the Nerd Challenge. I would rather them keep some of these mini games then play that annoying sumo game.

  5. Smash TV thing might have been where jimmy is in a sandbox where he has to find TVs and smash them all.

  6. Last man standing?

    Rockstar can sue bluehole and epic games


  7. 7:48– It looks like a disjointed mash of Nut Shots and the Art Class minigames.

  8. Smash TV sounds more like Zoe's minigame where you had to break things to get points and win… right?

  9. "No, no, no! You can't use diplomacy to make the Elf Princess do that!!" is one of my fav nerd lines lmfao

  10. Smash TV was a twin-stick arcade game where the goal was to survive as long as possible in a game-show about killing. Just look up footage of "Smash TV arcade" and you'll know exactly what it is, kinda hard to describe it without it sounding boring.

  11. I think Smash TV is a minigame returned from GTA SA. The minigame is about beating people up.

  12. its the game bootup duh😐

    smash tv thing

  13. I need an HQ version of the BMX park soundtrack (not the scholarship edition photography class soundtrack).

  14. I hate consumo but I love the music lol. I love Bully I've learned more since subscribing keep up what you do man. Much love!

  15. Smash tv was a twin stick shooter for the snes (yes i know the snes doesnt have any sticks. Its just the genre) but smash tv thing implies a version of that

  16. "Smash TV Thing" might have been based on the Slash TV side mission that appeared in GTA: Liberty City Stories, which in itself was based on a 1990 arcade game called Smash TV.

  17. Now that's really something interesting. Thanks for the analysis.

  18. I don't understand why Rockstar scraps this stuff

  19. Given their proclivity to recreate or port classic arcade games, I've got an inkling that "Smash TV thing" was supposed to be another one of those, based off of the arcade game "Smash TV", which was a twin-stick shooter

  20. "Smash TV Thing" would be an arcade machine clone of "Smash TV", presumably

  21. we need a channel like this but where they are into manhunt like how your into bully

  22. I know i'm late but "Smash TV thing" could be Jimmy sneaking into rich people houses and smashing the TV's you know they're rich and they got alot of them and you have to smash as many as you can before the timer runs out.

  23. therrealcaurthens12 & green_verysus studio says:

    The best bully mini game soundtrack: consumo.

  24. Someday I hope there is a mod that add's a new minigame to bully like this.

  25. 1:48 Maybe the original idea of Johnny Vincent in the bike is created in this mission and just moved to The Rumble.

  26. Playing grottos and gremlins as a minigame would’ve been so fun why did they take it out

  27. I hate the arcade high score trophy on PS4 with a burning passion , why couldn’t they have just made you get a higher score on one of them

  28. no smash tv was an 80's twin stick shooters, it was probably a clone of that

  29. Its possible bmx rumble took place in the removed junkyard

  30. Best Striking Martial Art: Muay Thai says:

    Well at least Rockstar considered one of these mini games over Nutshots. Hate that game very much in Anniversary Edition.

  31. Demo looks more fun then most of the arcade games

  32. Maybe during the nerd challenge you would have to win a game of grottos and gremlins instead of beating fatty’s consumo high score.

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