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$1000 Fortnite Mini Games Tournament!

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Today we held a $1000 PWR Bolt Bash Tournament! Comment down below you think won!
Bolt Bash Island Code: 1234-5313-4688

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  1. 7:09 vin was taking the l and a few seconds later he died and in the kill feed it said vin took the l. Lmao

  2. So we get 100$ everytime we win a round??? I WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THAT CHALLANGE

  3. "I just got someone's maccas order and it's…. Cracked"

  4. I’ve watched 2 power vids today and I saw they went up in 1k subs

  5. Lachy I feel as if every one is to good at fortnite to fall for this : me thinking of vindooly

  6. Lachlan thinking he’s sneaky while copying the format and half the mini games from hypixel party games.

  7. Was it just me who noticed looter didn’t have a POV

  8. I love your guys videos it makes me happy

  9. Why can’t this channel get 15mil like yours locky

  10. I liked how most of the mini games were from Minecraft servers and fall guys

  11. Brush them teeth Lochlyn dare yellow and Banana

  12. Lachlan:Laughed at radius lol lol . 2 seconds later he dies 😂

  13. “I just got someone else’s Maccas order and it’s cracked”

  14. they should do a rule where a pwr member can win twice so others can get money too

  15. Me watching this. Immediately getting a PWR hoodie

  16. I played this was i pissed ye i was swearing at it

  17. Its hypixel party games but in fortnite

  18. Why did I view this when it had 690k views

  19. these are all hipixel mincraft games from like 5 years ago

  20. Haha Radius died Lachlan dies ok don’t talk about this

  21. No one:
    Literally no one:
    Looter: "I just got someone's maccas order and ItS cRaCkEd! :>)"

  22. i swear i played bolt bash 1 week ago its glitched… Pls fix it i really love bolt bash

  23. Man anyone want to play with me username wkolodz

  24. I'm SO HAPPY Worthy won once he's my fav pwr member keep it up WORTHY!!!

  25. I feel like playing this with my friends would just piss me off haha

  26. In the one where you jump over the death zone vin was doing take the l and when he died it said “PWR Vindooly took the l.”😂

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