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3 NEW CLASH Games Announcement!

Clash of Clans
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We’re excited to announce 3 new Clash games in development: Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes!

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Clash Quest
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Clash Mini
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Clash Heroes
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  1. I’m really looking forward to clash heroes

  2. I am so excited for play these 3 new games is gonna be epic 😁😁

  3. Hope you guys will soon get into blockchain and NFT game. Waiting for best game developer – Supercell to dive in.

  4. Clash heroes is another diablo huh

  5. I like Clash heroes more than the other games Nd I’ll def download it. I just don’t like how u guys spent more time explaining clash mini which honestly looks like bullsh*t .

  6. I can’t wait for Mini and Heroes. I don’t care about Quest.

  7. Seeing how far Clash Royale has come in over 5 years, I can't wait to see Clash Heroes release.

  8. clash heroes is just clash version of blawl stars xD

  9. I really wanted to play Clash Heroes but hopefully it launches for android I really want to see the witch Clash Heroes was one of the best

  10. That guy looks exactly like the medic from TF2 😂

  11. Hear me out. Y’all make a game that’s like plants vs zombies garden warfare where you can choose your character and move around and place buildings and cast spells by aiming and by building.

  12. My suggestion: make it so you can play for the goblin side in clash heroes and also make sure you answer the ages-long question: is bowler a goblin!?

  13. I don't think character simplification is necessary for clash quest

  14. Imagine a clash universe open world RPG game. Like RuneScape or Skyrim

  15. But I'm just looking forward to Clash mini and Clash heroes

  16. Change up clash royal, I hate how I get like 2 wins and lose it in another 2 loses

  17. When will Clash of clans be available in pc?

  18. I still cant find them im in the us im ln android so is that why or is it still not out

  19. omg i'm so excited about these games i want to play them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Clash quest reminds me a lot of Might and magic: clash of heroes. pretty ironic isn't it

  21. i hope supercell creates its own autobattler game like dota underlord which is characterized by clash hero, at first i thought it was clashmini

  22. Hello developers can we play in multiplayer in clash heroes?

  23. The main sequel to Clash Royal must be Clash Heroes.

  24. If
    Clash heroes becomes a natural game they need to add endless mode

  25. Thank you to the Clash community for all the support you've given, we hope you enjoyed the announcement! ❤️

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