4v4! ROCK Paper SCISSORS! *NEW* Mini-Game Mode in Fortnite - minigamesltc.site

4v4! ROCK Paper SCISSORS! *NEW* Mini-Game Mode in Fortnite

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SSundee plays Rock Paper Scissors in #Fortnite but with 8 PEOPLE in Creative! This video was a little chaotic. LOL
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  1. Kann we play togheter Fortnite name kitanovder🥺

  2. Idk why ssundee didn't pick the presents bc he could've gotten better loot for his team

  3. ssundee should do more world of warcraft

  4. back when i played fortnite i dominated with a six shooter :/

  5. This is stil back in the day where he wouldn't immediately get dance grenades and shockwaves

  6. SSundee says starting at 3 hour and 20 seconds SSundees best moments

  7. SSundee you dont play Fortnite anymore can I have you vbucks

  8. Ssundee gets 3 million dollars each year

  9. Keep up the good work Dundee
    Love all ur vids

  10. Sub and like this video listen to the man

  11. 4 years later and I'm the only one that commented

  12. Could you please start having girls in your videos, because eight people and they’re all boys 😢I feel alone. 0:45

  13. SSundee is not “Son of a turd” it’s “Son of a foot licker” 😂❤

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