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6 Minigames We Played More Than The ACTUAL Games

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This week on the Tuesday Checklist, we’re thinking about those addictive minigames we’ve played for WAY TOO LONG. Seriously. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I actually bought the card decks to play Gwent with my sons. It's a great game.

  2. Pimp holly lol 😂 but the game sounds dope

  3. I love blitzball, but my second that i don't see anyone posting about is Hot'n cold, from FFIX Come on now, leveling up your chocobo to dig faster. lol

  4. FFX blitzball, agree with rob re Triple Triad but sorry, Dark Chronicles fishing for me, as well as Spheda (minigolf) Surprised there was no Golden Saucer FF7 mentions. Lastly, although not so much a minigame as a side game, the Item World from the Disgaea series. Poured days (literally) into that in Disgaea 1 and 2.

  5. You guys forgot to mention Blitz Ball from final fantasy X.

  6. CARAVAN!! fallout new vegas… I know for a fact i played it more than the game itself

  7. Old school.. but
    The racing minigame in Ratchet and Clank

  8. Dark Cloud 2: fishing and Spheda (golf) minigames

  9. Gwent is the best minigame of all time 👌

  10. Gwent is awesome. I played black jack a lot in red dead redemption as well.

  11. Triple triad yes!! Played so much I lost where I was at in my first playthrough I just was like oh well back to the first towns to see what cards I missed

  12. OH! I forgot about this, but Tales of The Abyss (it was on PS2) there's a casino in one of the towns

  13. It's blitzball for me, i have spent an absolutely ridiculous amount of time playing it… almost as much as I spent playing triple triad

  14. I think woodguy junior is inspired by the minigame in superhot

  15. lol rob i was playing triple triad on ff8 on steam while you were talking about it. also I HATE the same/plus rule.

  16. Tekken Tag Tournament for PS2 had a bowling game. Yeah…. that ate up hours of gameplay without actually playing arcade mode.

  17. in Red Dead 2 when I finally got tired of every person my horse ran over trying to kill me, i deciced that it was now a 50Gb checkers game, i would just go and find a checkers table to sit at forever, cuz at least when you're gambling away all your money, you're not racking up a bounty

  18. i already left a comment about red dead 2, but i just remembered in my favorite movie-based-rpg of all time, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, where I would spend a very large sum of time playing the greatest card game of all time, Pazaak, i used to treat the in game pazaak cards the same way people used to treat magic: the gathering cards, if a high number +/- card were to cost as much as alightsaber part, I'd buy the card, If there was world pazaak championships in that game, best believe i would been The Gambling King of Taris. Official title.

  19. Over 400 hours in Witcher 3 and with one play through. I never played the card game. I just couldn't understand it. Then after the first two tries, I couldn't play it anymore because I 'didn't have enough cards' or something- even though I bought some. I don't remember. I just couldn't learn it or get into it. I just explored caves and climbed mountains.

  20. I recently picked LOH Trails of Cold Steel, and I am loving the minigame Blade
    Blade is simplistic in nature, but so addictive. Like Gwent, where the player with the biggest hand wins and you can sabotage your opponent's hand with Bolt cards that remove one card from their hand and if your opponent has a bigger hand than you, you can use a Mirror card to swap hands
    Simplistic in nature, but it is so addictive and fun to play and an excellent use of your time in Trails of Cold Steel

  21. Triple Triad was better than Sphere Break from X-2
    I love X and X-2 but I hated Sphere Break

    As a card game/board game Gwent is totally garbage in comparison to most modern, popular card games for two players. It's fine for a quick minigame to expand the main game (although it makes no sense that in the world, as presented, with no printers, they are able to manufacture cards with such colorful and realistic graphic design), but saying that it's so much more than a minigame means that you are probably not aware of how good card games can be 🙂

  23. Duh duh duh duh duh duhduhduhduh duh duh duh duh duh duhduhduhduh that Breath of Fire tune is stuck in my head

  24. I really enjoyed kingdom building in Ni No Kuni 2 and fishing in Final Fantasy 15.

  25. I'd pay for a standalone version of Blade from Trails of Cold Steel
    Also the fishing minigame is super addictive, but does require alot of thumb dexterity

  26. Bartending in Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise

  27. Tripple Triad > Tetra master
    Tripple Triad > Gwent
    Tripple Triad > All other minigames <3

    The game was enjoyable simple, and still tactical. Dont get me wrong i love a game of Gwent, but Gwent just seeme too easy for me.
    But where Tripple Triad really became a next level mini-game, was the complex hidden game of getting all the rare cards, and how it would boost your characters through card modification <3

  28. As far as Gwent goes, it ruins my immersion. I can’t imagine Geralt walking around everywhere being Geralt and then just walking up to a peasant and asking him if he wants to play cards.

  29. How predictable ! Yakuza, The Witcher and Final fantasy. what? will? Happen next? ?

  30. Triple triad really reminds me of skystones
    But it came before interesting

  31. I love Tetra Master, although I've never played Triple Triad. Which one is better?

  32. Blitzball from FFX and playing Crash Bandicoot IN Uncharted 4

  33. Platoon in ni no kuni was addicting I played that for hours it’s fun to make the dealer angry

  34. I don't start anything in any area until I've visted every merchant and tavern in the Witcher to buy and play for all the cards I can, then repeat the process for the next area unlocked lol

  35. My own personal entry in this list is Orlog in assassin's Creed Valhalla, it's so addicting lol

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