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7 Best Minigames That Deserve Their Own Game

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Every so often game developers get bored of making their game and decide to develop a different, smaller game to put in the big game. These ‘minigames’ as us experts call them are occasionally brilliant, here are 7 that are good enough to deserve their own game. Subscribe for more videos from Outside Xbox:

Some of the best minigames, such as Geometry Wars and Gwent have enjoyed their own full games, which got us thinking about the distracting mini-games that caused us to neglect our primary objectives. Whether it’s battling with pins, escaping the clutches of Lucas Baker or thumping a bunch of extras from a Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie, we’d happily lay down cash for a fleshed out version of these brilliant bitesized games.

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  1. Just so you know gwent went from Witcher 3 alone to a pc stand-alone then it became an app which honestly is my favorite but I haven’t played the pc

  2. When I played ac syndicate I basically got the most expensive upgrades by being max level and just being amazing at the fights clubs so I just got to the final round of the best paying clubs and won to be rich

  3. I’m a sucker for Skystones from Skylanders
    What? The Skylands are in danger? I’ll get to beating Kaos after I beat this guy

  4. Blitz ball from final fantasy, speed from xenogears, pizzak from Kotor.

  5. Actually geometry wars was a flash game back in the day, long before batman

  6. I do not care about timing in bound ball, I just mash the B button and I usually win

  7. The polished Chao Garden from Sonic Adventures Two Battle and the spider tank game from Watch Dogs.

    Two very different games. Releases two very different chemicals in my brain. Both examples of minigame excellence that deserve to have their own releases.

  8. Fnaf help wanted: parts and service no words need

  9. I loved The World Ends with You with all my heart but I did not like Pin Slammer lol. I loved the whole rest of the game tho.

  10. I think Vampire Wargame from Castlevania Lords of the Shadows Ultimate Edition should be on this list because its happens on a Chess board with chess like pieces BUT IT'S NOT CHESS.

  11. Cabaret club czar from yakuza 0 and yakuza kiwami 2 should be on this list

  12. Funny thing about Triple Triad. Since enemies scale with our level in FF8, it's more advantageous to be low level.
    Stats are raised by Junctioning magic, and you can change the monster cards into magic with GF abilities.
    So, if you're patient and like the card game, you can become OP for the unskippable fights.

    Of course, I was 12 when the game came out on PS1, and I could barely understand English since it's third language here. I pretty much played it like your regular old JRPG hehe.

  13. I played Evie in the underground fighting because the final prize was a cane sword and I only used cane swords with Evie so I made a personal narrative

  14. This is like trying to explain what pogs were to millennials. cause pogs were cool when i was eight and i'm a generation x cut off kid so Xennials were more privy to it and gen xers.

  15. I have one word for this: Blitzball. I kind of stopped playing Final Fantasy x's main story as soon as league play opened up. Still haven't finished.

  16. A full game based on that one mission in Dishonored 2 where you travel from the past to present.

  17. Think about that too there was a point in time where you could buy a Mortal Kombat game that Mortal Kombat game would have come with what is essentially a full cart racer and chess

  18. Triple Triad is still available in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV.

  19. Ah, motor kombat…..I played the hell out of that mini game

  20. Okami's fishing, Spyro's Skateboarding, Diddy Kong Racing's Icicle Pyramid oh and the banana hunting mini game as well. Pokèmon Statum/Statum 2
    the mini games.

  21. Harvest Moon: what a wonderful life. Kassey and Patrick’s mini-game. There is no way I would’ve rushed over there in the mornings just for a crystal. I want that mini-game so bad 😭

  22. Now that Shovel Knight: King of Cards is now out, I would actually play Joustus as an in real life card game.

  23. Night in the Woods is really just a wrapper that let's you play the Demon Tower game. It would be handy to just be able to play Demon Tower. 😉

  24. The Yakuza 0 and Kiwami Hostess Club mini game. They are so much fun. And advanced one of them as it's own game would be soo good

  25. The Mog House game in FF VII was so cute. There wasn't a lot to it, but it was so adorable that I would love a moogle-based game.

  26. Blitzball from Final Fantasy X (and not Blitzball in Final Fantasy X-2).

  27. Wasn't Triple Triad a full game bundled with Final Fantasy XI… oh nvm it was called "Tetra Master" for some reason, but was basically Triple Triad in disguise.

  28. Who laughed when she said "Pogs", knowing that plenty of people aren't old enough to know what that is.

  29. I know it's been a while, but Orlog from AC: Valhalla. I try to find games everywhere and I'm compelled to win the god favor tokens. Not only that, but there is strategy in the mini-game as every time you play, it is different in the many towns around England. Some opponents will use the minimum god favor cost early, others will save up, and then some are in between. It's my favorite part of AC: Valhalla.

  30. I actually have a VHS and videos to go with it, they still work. I can't bring myself to get rid of it ^^

  31. Problem with Hackney is that you might end up in a Resident Evil dungeon in real life.

  32. And this is how Captain Toad happened. Started out as small side levels in Mario 3D World, turned into it's own game. And is, in fact, a prequel to the game because iirc, the ending sees Captain Toad fall down the same pipe that's at the beginning of 3D World.

  33. A assassin's creed fight club game would be fun if you could play as other assassins

  34. Triple triad is in ffxiv and is super hard if you don’t have a good deck, absolute blast to play as the gold saucer area

  35. Alien Isolation did first person horror BEFORE RE7. Do your damn research & stop posting false information as facts.

  36. Aww this video has given me a few ideas! 🙂

  37. Syndicate will always be one of my favorites assassins creed games partially because it was one of the first I played instead of watching my dad play. Second the grappling hook. Third Evie and Jacob. And finally fourth like y’all said the combat system was amazing

  38. I always wanted to see a racing game based off of ff7 chocobo racing. I remember thinking at first how stupid anyone would have to be to spend hours breeding chocobos just for a mini game, just to realize after completing the game that breeding my golden chocobo was the most satisfying part of the game.

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