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7 Horrible Minigames You Can’t Avoid If You Want to Finish the Game

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From mini golf to Shetland ponies, mini things are generally brilliant. So then why are minigames regularly so rubbish? And these nuggets of non-standard gameplay are never so aggravating as when they’re an obstacle planted right in your path to progression. Join us now as we bemoan these seven unavoidable minigames that made us want to eat our own hands, and subscribe for a video like this every Thursday!

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  1. I'm 1000% surprised that this list didn't have Blitzball from FF X instead of the snowboarding from VII

  2. We didn't fix the climate, per se. We just invented time travel and went back in time to ensure the damage never happened.

  3. I am still confused why people can't handle Ashley. She's not even that hard to keep safe, plus some areas let you shove her in a box.

  4. You missed Kingdom Hearts 2. It wouldn’t let you past the prologue without forcing you to play mini-games to make money.

  5. Skyward sword playing the harp at the lumpy pumpkin was horrible, I had to go through so many times. Wanted to bust the harp over the two chuckleheads that make up the audience.

  6. I like sliding block puzzles and I'm not ashamed.

  7. In Bully there was a mini arcade game that is a part of the main mission. Frustrating cause the game was not enjoyable and to beat it, one had to beat the current highschool that was already high enough.

  8. Cabaret Club is one of the best things ever in the entite Yakuza franchise and I will die on this hill. @ me Andy!

  9. The Cabaret Club minigame is literally the place I dropped Zero. I was loving it up until that point, but I did the Real Estate minigame, which was a grind, but really simple. Plug money into buildings, fight boss, profit. With the Cabaret Club, it was reliant on whether you did all the sidequests or not, and unlike say Judgment or Like A Dragon, those subquests weren't always on the map so it was easy to miss them. Which, if you missed them, you didn't get the best hostesses and it's hard to beat the bosses in Cabaret battles.

    I didn't want to skip it and move on with the story because completing both minigames is how you unlocked both Kiryu and Majima's ultimate fighting styles, so I just ended up dropping it altogether.

  10. I don't know about y'all, but the digging minigames in Okami were an absolute NIGHTMARE. It took me over 7 years to actually get past the last mandatory one because it was such a horrible pain.

  11. Danganronpa. Hangman's Gambit. Nuff said.

  12. @Andy Farrant, try playing Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoore Manor if you love ‘minigames’

  13. Played some tile sliding games as a kid. It wasn't hard to do. More of eh.

  14. Slide puzzle are bad, but at least it isn't time. Oh what that happen all of the Onimushas and if you solve it you die and have to start again from last save. Does Capcom have a thing for that type of puzzle?

  15. The delivery of “I like…zero times” got me 😂

  16. I own the final fantasy 7 remake but haven't played it, did it include the snowboarding thing? Or did it get rid of it?

  17. I didn't mind the re4 puzzle especially since it basically was the only one aside from the little clock behind the church

  18. 10:29 Nah the minigame where you try to decipher the expressions of the NPC's faces as they possibly lie to you is worse.

    Also I liked Cyberpunks hacking, it was easy if you thought it through before starting the timer.

  19. I always found the mandatory Tetra Master series in Treno from FF9 was more annoying than the snowboarding from ff7. If you didn't prepare a solid deck prior to getting to that point, completely screwed.

  20. No, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOO the Yakuza 0 one is wrong. it was dumb and weird and fun

  21. Lol, I don't remember the ff7 snowboard minigame being very hard.

  22. How bad are these mini games? I fell asleep watching this review of them.

  23. FF7 chocobo racing is much worse
    And the sliding Part game in Wind waker you had to Do "multiple Times "

  24. Not sure if this count as a minigame, but it is mandatory. I just got Monster Hunter: Rise on PC recently and I do not like the rampage mission at all. It's like a complicated tower defense mode that is better suited for 4 players, but even when you are playing solo, you must still complete it to progress.

  25. I'm wondering if you guys actually played around in Gold Saucer. I loved the mini games in 7. Next you'll tell me you hated Blitzball and Triple Triad lol.

  26. OH dear god, Dead to Rights. I actually never finished the game because I hated the bomb disarming minigame. Hell, you show the EXACT POINT I quit!

  27. Yakuza 0 mini game was the best thing in that game period

  28. FF10, hey guys, lets just throw you head-first into Blitzball, up against the best team in the game who massively out-stat you and your team is mostly comprised of the absolute scrubs of the game. Very little introduction or training, just thrown right into what will undoubtedly be THE hardest match of the entire game, and one that is plot semi-important to the characters (cuz seriously, you are letting Wakka down bad if you screw it up).

    Granted, Blitzball is actually pretty fun and fleshed out if you like that kind of stuff, but to be thrown headfirst into something that is not only obscenely difficult but has actual plot weight, not cool. There are ways to win, but you need to actually know what you are doing to win, and even with that you need to be either cheap or lucky.

  29. Some of the glyph solving puzzles in Assassin’s Creed 2/brotherhood/revelations

  30. How dare you put the Caberet club in this. I completed that as soon as it started in the game because I couldn’t put it down

  31. Pssssh, I loved snowboarding in FF7 back in the day.

  32. Blitzball definitely belongs in here. I always dread it every playthrough.

  33. Developers of Yakuza dreamed of making a hit tycoon game and curse the day their crime syndicate beat-em up became popular.

  34. Can’t remember if this was mandatory at one point, but the hacking mini game from Bioshock deserves an honorable mention.

  35. Diseased brain pick Cabaret Club Czar in Y0 is amazing, and it only gets better in YK2.

  36. I am a bit late but it's a perfect time to come to terms with my Nancy Drew experience. There is a ton of ridiculous mini-games. Like the one when you needed to remember what kind of noize each of 5 or so whales makes to finish a quiz to get a macguffin. Then there was a quiz on Maya's culture knowledge, and I swear to god, they didn't put enough information in the game so I had to google it (but actually I liked it as a kid, I learned a lot about Maya in that game).
    But the worst offender is a checkers-like game in The White Wolf of Icicle Creek. Almost near the end of the game you HAVE TO complete it in order to get a macguffin to finish the game. It's the last step. I remember that there were 4 stages, and I stuck at the last one. I couldn't complete it even with a walkthrough because the opponent's movements were randomized. So I gave up on this game and deleted it.
    Later, when I decided to finish it no matter what, my CD (yeah, I am old) turned up to be corrupted, and I couldn't install the game properly. So I've never finished it. I know that there was a ski chasing scene and I learned who was the culprit. But still, I am so disappointed.

  37. I really hated doing the race in Chrono Trigger.

  38. Oh you want to know how the future cured climate change, just watch Futurama they are going to drop a giant ice cube into the ocean

  39. Oh, I actually liked "Perceive" in Apollo Justice lol

    For me, it was the dang Fishing mini game in Sonic Adventure DX. Sure, Fishing games are big in Japan, and sure, it's Big's entire mechanic, but it was easily the worst fishing mini game I've ever played. Worse, you need to play as Big to unlock Super Sonic.

  40. no mention of the oblivion conversation mini game

  41. Snowboard mini game difficult to control? Wha? Git gud noob

  42. Isn't it amazing that everybody used to hate Ashley with her bullshit "one hit and then you die" nonsense when, fast forward to 2022, every single jumpscare horror games from Outlast to Slenderman literally forced you to play as Ashley?

  43. A video about infuriating necessary mini games and no mention of the aneurysm-inducing butterfly catching, lightning dodging, or chocobo racing needed for the celestial weapons in FFX?? All three were absolutely maddening, and I unfortunately had to do all of them twice on my and my fiance's profiles. It took me several days on just one profile. I still get somewhat violently mad thinking about it.

  44. Andy….the Cabaret Club is literally the only reason I'd ever play yakuza 0

  45. Way late to the party, but the mandatory leaper race from jak 3, absolute garbage.

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