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7 Most WTF Minigames We Swear We’re Not Making Up

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Most minigames make sense in the context of the main game, but not all of them – as you’ll see in these seven bewildering cases, each of which had us wondering if we’d accidentally stumbled into a completely different game and just taken a while to notice. Enjoy the deadly chess, massage puzzling and shoot ’em up flirting, then subscribe for a video like this every Thursday from Outside Xbox.

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  1. Brozilla - Kaijuu Acolyte of Hope [Deadbeat] says:

    Man there are days when I wonder If Atlus is the secret love Child of Sega. Seriously Kiryu has be going wild since the 90s and sometimes just the tones of their both Games.
    Seriously sometimes fanservice is so hilariously.

  2. Brozilla - Kaijuu Acolyte of Hope [Deadbeat] says:

    8:39 man thats actually rather funny, I love it when Games acknowledge the Effort one performs in out of place content.

  3. Brozilla - Kaijuu Acolyte of Hope [Deadbeat] says:

    11:00 I am just gonna say that i appreciate the amount of work put into these.

  4. I couldn't help but think of 9S's hacking

  5. Ah I'm finally far enough into Yakuza Zero to watch this without it being a spoiler lol

  6. 7:29 that 2020 reference now we know there will be no happy ending to the existential nightmare of existance

  7. When he picked up the phone so dramatically I laughed so hard

  8. I did not know about any of these and they are all absolutely hilarious. I love this video.

  9. I think personally if you don't answer a phone like this 4:19 then the phone just shouldn't be answered.

  10. Oh my God.
    I never understood this wheel minigame until now, I feel so stupid.
    I was 7 okay, and I'm not smart.
    Well. Time to play now.

  11. I'm surprised they didn't say "Final Fantasy X-2 is the sequel to Final Fantasy X-1"

  12. If Tekken comes to Switch, I would like to see the bowling minigame there…of course it would be more interesting since it would use mocap controls.

  13. Ey, Im a Tekken Lee main and seeing him here is the most excellent thing Ive seen today.

  14. any yakuza minigame is crazy tbh

  15. I mean.. Noctus right?
    his kingdom was burned the other day and he needs to invade a enemy checkpoint tomorrow
    let's stop by the lake and fish for a while, and grill the fish by a camping sight before the assault

  16. I saw "WTF minigames" and immediately thought they were gonna talk about the sex mini game/button prompt part of god of war 2 (or maybe it was GOW 1 it's been a while since I've played either tbh)

  17. "And the winner for most dramatic answering of a telephone goes to…." 4:20

  18. Would it be an exaggeration to say most Yakuza fans really play the games more for the mini-games and side stories than the main story itself? I honestly feel they’re the highlight of the Yakuza games

  19. Yeah try being on the spectrum, and trying to figure out what those potato faces, are trying to tell you

  20. What about the mini games from Watch Dogs?

  21. You had me at the Yakuza thumbnail. It is quite possible that the Yakuza series is the perfect video game series. Or at least as close to perfect as we are allowed to get.

  22. "Ryos fathers killer" HA! Yknow they wanted Shenmue to be 10 games long?

  23. I mean it's fricking Japan what do you expect

  24. Haven’t watched this yet but I’m calling it: god of war sex mini game.

  25. Uh, Mike. They have done an actionized take on chess. It's called Battle Chess. Check it out

  26. Honestly this entire list could've been made up of Yakuza minigames

  27. Those bottlecaps are based on Pepsi caps from the late 90's and early 2000's. They were only sold in Japan and they made Nintendo ones and Pepsi Man ones.

  28. The way he picks up that phone reminds me of how Tatsu does things in The Way of the Househusband 🤣

  29. Dramatic? You mean you DON'T act like the fate of the world hangs in the balance whenever you answer calls?


  30. I remember buying dead rising 4 just to play zombie golf

  31. I legitimately wanna see a mortal Kombat Chess tournament.

  32. 15:43 mike come on, jax’s fatality in mk 11 is basically using someone’s head as a baseball, wasted opportunity not to view it.

  33. this just popped up in my recommended and i gotta say i think i now know what happens when a talk to my crush

  34. 8:37
    The fuck, she's not wearing any underwear.
    Wonder how they got that past the ESRB

  35. Oh wow! Tekken Bowl … I must have played that more than Tekken Tag Team on ps2. Thanks for the memories 🙂

  36. Could make this whole video out of yakuza mini games, and if you did the top ten wierdest the telephone one wouldn’t even be on the list

  37. Rapid fire weapons, single shooting with tmp

  38. 2:30 – I knew the wheel part, not sure (that long I can't remember) if I was aware of the faces during!?

  39. Chess Kombat looks awesome, sad I missed that one!!

  40. Holy crap. I comPLETEly forgot about the RE4 minigame. Huh.

  41. Shenmue 1 will always be a childhood classic for me. The sequels…..ruined everything.

  42. I realize they were trying to do…. something with them but the chao's in Sonic adventure and since were always a big ? For me

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