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A Brand New Event (Mini)GAME? + InnoGames is Making Money! | Forge of Empires News

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We’re getting a new… GAME? Today, we look at InnoGames’ (the developers of Forge of Empires) financials! Trust me, it’s more interesting than it sounds: did you know that browser players are spending more? Additionally, it’s confirmed that Inno will be making 2 new games soon, and I might know a thing or two about them… and why that matters for us in Forge of Empires! Play n64 games in browser galore: begin your retro gaming journey with us today.

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Update 1.276 Changelog:
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0:00 Intro
0:21 Financial Report
1:08 Heroes of History: Epic Empire
2:58 FoE’s Future Roadmap
5:31 Conclusion

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Forge of Empires is an award-winning and free-to-play RTS MMO city-building game developed by InnoGames GmbH, the company behind hits such as Elvenar and Tribal Wars, as well as new titles like Rise of Cultures. Forge of Empires was released for browser in 2012, with mobile versions being released in 2014 (iOS) and 2015 (Android), and continues to be updated with new content, events, and features to this day!


  1. Minute 4:17 – I understood this differently than you did. 5 new difficulties doesn’t necessarily mean 5 additional ones. I expect the following to happen: They will change/renew the already existing 5 difficulties of GEx, but add no new ones. In these 5 reworked difficulties we will then find a smoother difficulty curve, more transitions between off & def, and even harder encounters towards the end (probably difficulties 4 & 5) than today.

  2. Well to be fair it would be stupid to spend on mobile because (at least in Germany) it's more expensive and gives less diamonds
    So yea most likely scenario is that mobile players go online in the browser version buy diamonds and the event pass and than play on mobile again (pass is more expensive on mobile aswell)

  3. Regarding your brief mention of QI, I have to say I'm totally puzzled by their design strategy. We know there's a large slice of the player base that's been focused on growing a large Alcatraz and throwing those units at GbG, GE, GvG, PvP Arena & even still raiding the neighborhood. I was very happy to support GvG with units, and now my level 100+ Alcatraz is growing nearly a thousand units a week at any tech level I want, and I've got almost nothing to do with them. In a year, I'll have 50k units just sitting around.

    QI needs to work in a path to take that huge stream of units and allow the players to dump them, either as straight up battles, converting those units into QI fighting units or just 'recruitment needs' where the QI allows you to throw hundreds of units into the challenge with a few clicks to overcome a node. PLEASE, Innogames, address this issue.

  4. I am a long time player of FoE having played for over 11 years and I now spend no money in the game, having spent time raising diamond farms and now working on my 5 seed vaults is helping a lot

  5. seed vaults !! seed vaults everywhere!! at least now thanks to you ,prints are easier to get !!

  6. I feel like the winter event kicked off cause of the guard house.

    People spent because we keep getting all these tiny items that need motivation so having enough guard houses is more important for established players with huge city’s.

  7. What a great fact-based retort to all of the whiners on the Forum. Keep up the good work! – Graviton

  8. I hope they stop interrupting my collection with pop-ups telling me what wonderful gits I am getting, clicking on a 1×1 and being told I also got a bonus FP does not add to my enjoyment of collecting a large city, does the opposite. they may also want to look at upping the amount of FP in your bar from 100 to something higher, I have many buildings that payout over 100 FP now.

  9. I just want them to auto-combine my fragments. I have thousands and thousands of fragments I refuse to click 3 times for combining 1 fragment into an item before even using it.

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