All 100 Minigames in Mario Party Superstars - Gameplay! (Japanese Website Compilation) -

All 100 Minigames in Mario Party Superstars – Gameplay! (Japanese Website Compilation)

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The Japanese Website for Mario Party Superstars features a look at gameplay of all 100 Minigames! So we compiled them all together into one video!

Video by: Tris Valbuena
Thumbnail by: Tom Arnold

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  1. I get the slightest feeling they’ll just release this game and forget to update it for, like, two years or so

  2. Do they really need to make so much damn noise? Like theres no need for grunts and yells in the bowser face minigame

  3. An actually good minigame selection? Top-100 needs to take notes!

  4. I can play with a pro controller now thank God because I hate motion controls usually

  5. Not a single NDS Mini-Game? Why? Just why? Is it considered a Spin Off? This Game Had so many good Minigames…

  6. I really would have liked for Granite Getaway from Mario Party 6 to have made it

  7. Reminds me a lot of The Top 100, but a LOT better, with many more interesting minigames

  8. this is a really nice selection of minigames. I'm staying with The Top 100 though, not only because I think it's a good game, but because I only got a 3ds

  9. MP9 was my first Mario Party game and seeing the updated music and graphics for Goomba Spotting made me so happy

  10. There all good mini games.
    Only my favorite minigame Grab bag is missing unfortunately.

  11. If I could pick 8 more mini games from the original Mario Party just to even out the number from the second game I would have to choose Coin Block Bash, Tightrope Treachery, Paddle Battle, Platform Peril, Treasure Divers, Skateboard Scamper, Key-pa-Way, and lastly Grab Bag

  12. when are they gonna replace toad and toadette with tumble so we can play as them again!?!?!

  13. This is way better of a list then the top 100. ( Even thought MP8 got the shaft again…)

  14. It bugs me that filet relay isn’t in it. I love that mini game

  15. What Mario party 8 mini games did we see?

  16. Damn, It's so surreal seeing these games again. They're identical to the originals, but so beautifully modelled with today's technology. These games made my childhood, I had 1, 2 and 3 for the N64. Good times.

  17. I love this aesthetic. It's almost like playing with real action figures and toys. Sort of surreal like in a dream. To think that back in the day it had that low budget look, trying so hard to use as few polygons as possible.

  18. They did amazing choosing the mini games. Still a few of my favourites missing but overall they got most of them

  19. Great selection of games. Looks like ill be getting one this time.

  20. I was so surprised when they brought back the goomba paining one from MP8

  21. Intro looks alot like one of the board from Mario Party 10

  22. HOW did luigi survive the book mini-game at 9:57 ?????? Love that minigame tho!

  23. This is so exciting but i’m sad that the minigame Toad And Go Seek didn’t make it but i’m still excited 😁

  24. 9:03 Lol Daisy was all like that’s for trying to push my boyfriend. Daisy: (after Mario fell off the cliff) Maybe that was a little bit to much.

  25. I just realised something: We only saw 4player, 1v1, 2v2, 3v1, and bowser minigames, but no item minigames. This is a bit odd considering that we know that bopping balloons will be in the game.

  26. Sucks that they only brought 2 mini games from Mario party 8

  27. 12:15 I like how Mario punches Yoshi out, and Peach and Wario break their boulder before Mario and Yoshi break theirs, but Mario and Yoshi still make it to their car before Peach and Wario. K

  28. Por que poner la marca de agua de un video que no fue creado por vosotros???

  29. Unfortunately there is no Domination from MP4

  30. 8:55 In 29 October You Can Play As Mario Luigi Peach Daisy In New A Game From Prosafa gaming Nintendo titan and more from in front

  31. Do you guys know if this Mario party lets you play handheld ? 🙁

  32. I see they added all the squid games! Well done Nintendo

  33. Glad 6 got the most GCN minigames, but man I would've loved Granite Getaway

  34. I can’t believe the put the rug of war one with the terrible joysticks … gona have to get another third party control

  35. If they ever add luigis engine room I’m going to scream that map is the best!!!!!!

  36. When I saw the volleyball game was coming back I fucking gasp for air cause I couldn't believe it's back… I need this game asap

  37. Cool but no I can’t even find how to get this for free but whatever great selection of minigames only if Nintendo made this free for 1 hour

  38. Mario:”Whoo hoo!” Waluigi:”Yeah.”And Princess Daisy:”Yeah!” From River Rapids when we are saying.

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