All 7 Mini Consoles ranked BEST & WORST -

All 7 Mini Consoles ranked BEST & WORST

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** DISCLAIMER: The TG16 Mini was sent to me for review and the PC Engine was a gift from viewer Nikolai. However all of the opinions are my own **


  1. Only bad thing about the SNES mini was no Chrono Trigger

  2. I mean PS1 on a cartridge style system might be pretty 😎 cool

  3. some glaring weaknesses for the SNES classic… some games were poor choices (Kirby's Dream Course, F-Zero, Star Fox, Super Mario World 2)… while some classics were absent (Chrono Trigger, TMNT: Turtles In Time, NBA Jam)… I would've even liked Bart's Nightmare because of how unique it was.

  4. I would absolutely love hitting up some Oregon Trail on a dos. And also N64 mini.

  5. Good Review. I would love to see an N64 mini and Sega Saturn Mini.

  6. Metal you can use a mobile phone portable battery with the NeoGeo.

  7. i bought the ps mini because of the modding solution.

  8. I like to see a Dreamcast Mini, that would be awesome.

  9. Love the snes mini and would love to see a n64 mini please Nintendo. Now I’ll have to get sega mini for the fun factor. 👍✌️

  10. We had a TurboExpress back in the day. It was great, but we only had a couple games for it. They were hard to find where we lived. On top of that, none of our friends had one, so we couldn't trade with anyone.

  11. For sure a mini N64 with Goldeneye, Mario 64, Rainbow 6, Starfox . The N64 is by far my favorite of all.the classic consoles although a mini PS2 would be amazing Twisted Metal Black still one of my all time favorites

  12. The mini famicom is really cool despite being in Japanese. Looks great in my collection

  13. I used to own three of the mini consoles,and I’m going to rebuy one I had fun with Snes mini,and Genesis mini the most.

  14. I love the extra sega add ons. The 6 button controller was the best for the mega drive

  15. Its a shame about starfox 2. Its a great game. At least we got it eventually

  16. which would you suggest is probably best for a young Girl…8yo.

  17. I want a ps2 mini, not my childhood console but one of my all time favorites.

  18. I just found a playstation classic at the flea market for 10 dollars and I can see My people hated it but for 50 cents a games I can't complain

  19. If they made a PS2 mini, with a couple hundred of the most popular PS2 games, if I was exiled to a deserted island all by myself, I could play that for the rest of my life and be happy lol. The best console ever made, in my personal opinion, and I think the majority of the gaming world would agree with me.

  20. I know I‘m speaking pretty much for myself , but I would be interested in a REAL Sega-CD Mini, but without any of the FMV games the console was known (or infamous) for in its day. Just give me the good stuff and cult classics such as the Lunar games, Snatcher, Popful Mail, Robo Aleste, Android Assault, Vay, Dark Wizard, Keio Flying Squadron, Silpheed, Final Fight CD, Sonic CD, and Shining Force CD. Bonus points if they clean up the video sections like Sega did for Sonic CD on the Sonic Gems Collection.

  21. Jesus loves you he has a plan for your life prays the lord

  22. The only one I have is the Super Nintendo mini. I mostly bought it for Earthbound since that game is so expensive and I don't have an actual Super Nintendo console. The SNES mini has most of the games that I would want.

  23. I love my PSX classic because I also have the TrueBlue Mini packs that add games through a USB drive. Such a great addition for like 20 dollars on ebay.

  24. My son downloaded every game just about from Nintendo on our mini nes. So made it pretty sweet.

  25. I can’t wait it for The amiga A500 mini is coming soon on 2022 March (2nd next months ago)!!!

  26. Waiting on a dreamcast mini❤❤❤❤

  27. Irony of the PCE Mini is that it’s not much smaller than the original console. Technically it’s the PCE A Little Smaller.

  28. N64 is a definite must. It would also be great to see an Xbox mini and PS2 mini but I'm sure they would be cost prohibitive for what would would be required to make quality mini consoles for these.

  29. I can’t get over how much this guy sounds like Trey Parker.

  30. ​ @Yo Man —– " PCs had much better first person shooters at the time" "I never understood what made Goldeneye popular" ————
    🤣 Haha. No the PC had Quake (June 1996) and Quake 2 (almost 1998) which were basically tech-demos!. .and totally different gaming experiences! GoldenEye (August 1997) had fun A.I, sniper rifles with zoom, was played tactically and slow like a movie, it was colourful, atmospheric, represented real word and could be *played on a big screen*. PC owners of this time were obsessed by high resolutions, but received dull brown coloured indoor worlds and relied on twitch mouse gameplay. The average PC gamer was also playing on a tiny 14" screen, with a total hardware spend of 5-6 times that of a console(inc monitor) PC owners rarely 'understood' console or arcade 'games'. Ridge Racer on the PS1, the 3D fighting games like Tekken were all far better than what the PC offered in 94/95 and years later. Console games were overlooked by many PC owners mostly due to the TV's low resolution. Finally the Dreamcast had a VGA output , played Half Life and Quake 3 Arena at 1/5th the cost. Although DC was ahead of its time. ultimately it was large HD flat screens and the HD XBOX 360 that let loose consoles. PC gamers were still only boasting 19" CRT screens when the Xbox 360 came out.

  31. I'd personally value the Turbografx over the SNES mini, but that's just me. Never played Turbografx games before I got that, and they're pretty sweet.

  32. I want mini versions of the lesser known systems like FM Town's Marty and x68k.

    I mean, I want a mini DC and N64, but, those should have been out by now.

  33. I hope we get a ps2 mini – sega Saturn mini – sega Dreamcast mini

  34. I forgot all about the Turbo Graphix 16. I remember as a kid my neighbors uncle brought one over when he came to visit, and it blew our minds. I thought the games on those thinner cards was the coolest thing. I've got the SNES and Sega mini's and love them. Didn't know they came out with wireless controllers, so thank you very much for that tid-bit!

  35. N64 mini with four controllers with a game lists started with goldeneye, perfect dark, mario kart 64, and etc…

  36. Could have swore dollar general had a different Sega mini that let you play carts also

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