All Minigames Comparison (Mario Party Superstars vs Original) -

All Minigames Comparison (Mario Party Superstars vs Original)

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Mario Party Superstars all minigames comparison (Switch vs original version).

All videos on the channel feature carefully practiced and high level gameplay of my unique experiences with each game. Video content is transformative and instructional showing players how to beat the game on the highest difficulty settings. I spend hundreds to thousands of hours mastering each game so I can play it at the highest levels. My creative input ensures adherence to YouTube’s partner program guidelines. All recordings are 100% recorded and edited solely by me.


  1. Who think Pauline should be included in Party series?

  2. MarioPartyGaming
    MarioPartyGaming now I should get pinned

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  5. I like to see these 2 couples playing party games

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