All Tekken Mini Game & Extra Mode History | A-Z -

All Tekken Mini Game & Extra Mode History | A-Z

Hi! Buff Gigas Please?
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Tekken Series (1994-2017) – All Special Mode and Extra features in alphabetical order. This video will briefly show you an evolution of mini games, Tekken used to have a lot of variety when it come to game modes.


  1. At this point I would be just as content if they release a Tekken collection on Steam. I spend way too many hours playing ghost mode in TTT2

  2. Ok i played Tekken for years WTF IS THIS TEKKEN SUPPORTERS SHIT????

  3. We took tk 6s campaign for granted :'(

  4. In videos like this please type the name of the game on screen and which version, not everyone knows every game being shown.
    I really miss when tekken had a lot of modes and content (T5/T6). T7 is so barebones in comparison…
    Here's hoping T8 will be a return to form.

  5. And so in tekken 7 we have nothing more than treasure battle and arcade mod

  6. First of all, congratulations to Bandai Namco on selling over 9 million copies of Tekken 7. With that said, the developers better not skimp out on the budget for Tekken 8. I'm aware of the fact that they weren't given much of a budget to work with due to how TTT2 underperformed, but they have absolutely no excuses going forward.

    I introduced myself to this iconic fighting game franchise eight years ago, and what almost immediately drew me in (besides the story and the characters, of course) was the amount of single player content. Whether you want to refer to Tekken 3, or the PSP release of Dark Resurrection, the amount of offline game modes after going through Arcade/Story Mode with all the characters was always an added bonus for me.

    Long story short, offline game modes are essential for making sure fighting games have more than enough replay value and longevity, and it's a shame how we're not given these kinds of options from the jump in this day and age.

  7. Tekken Ball was and still is my fav, I still play it

  8. I don’t get why they removed Team Battle and Survival.

  9. Tekken is the greatest fighting game series out there, when I was a little kid I have played tekken 6 and tag 2 on the PS3, these are quite good, I also played tekken 7 for the ps4 when I bought the PS4 during November 2019.

  10. omg the big heads in Tekken 2 memories ❤️❤️

  11. this is why I have so much animosity towards 7
    there's just nothing to do besides the dlc bowling (which is worse than the TTT1 version anyway because it is notably more reined in in terms of bowler strength (there is barely any difference in power between mininum and just below maximum, while TT1 could have characters bowl super slow))

  12. Heh, i remember we managed to unlock Tekken bowl after hours playing tag mode in TTT, i spent a lot of time in tekken bowl when i was bored mostly. If only that game exist in digital version in PS3, or maybe because reigon difference, idk

  13. Tag 2 had Tekken Ball? Was it only on the Switch version or something? I had Tag 2, did I somehow not notice it was there even though I put more than 400 hours into that game?
    Edit: Wii U version, no idea why I said Switch.🤦

  14. How far we've come from Galaga. I still remember how sore my hands became resetting over & over just to unlock Devil by killing every last ship.

  15. team battle was the best mode imo. hated going back to the character screen. lets just do 8 and brawl.

  16. Wish we had more offline content in Tekken 8 (if it happens). Not everyone is into playing online, but knowing Bamco, they will make it another big E-Sports game, like they did with T7. Let us hope that the T8 won't be a copy-paste of T7 but with better engine, but it actually will have more soul to it, with even crazier character customization and a large variety of modes.

    T7 offline modes are not even that good and very little. Story mode was not really engaging with very boring narration and the "episodes" for each character were made as fast as possible. Would love to see some Team Battle, maybe a some sort adventure-beat-em up mode like Scenarios from 6 or like Devil Within in 5.

  17. That Tekken 5's menu theme is lit, espescially on other Tekken game

  18. We need Tekken tag 2 servers like Plutonium!

  19. I loved arcade history. It would be so cool if it came back with tag 1's arcade mode since its different from consoles.

  20. Arcade History is always my favourite. Tekken 5 had such great value. Four games in one package.

  21. Next Tekken needs to have all of these modes in it. 7 currently feels very barebones

  22. Scenario Campaign showed every character's personality. Even Bryan Fury has some honorable and questionable moments.

  23. Tekken Tag 2 was the last Tekken game that had a lot of modes in it. We shouldn't have taken it for granted. Tekken 7 is not bad but not very good when it comes to content but the previous games had a lot more!

  24. Hello HBGP! Can you make another content about, "When Tekken Customization was at its Peak" again? I tried almost all of your customizations in your last video. I suggest to use other characters pls.
    Looking forward to your reply!

  25. So I'm not sure if you had this or not, Tag battle for Tekken lol

  26. T7 treasure battles also has mods like double damage battles and only air attacks cause damage

  27. I miss Team Battles
    Such a waste it's not in Tekken 7, now that T7 has so many characters to play with

  28. Hoping offline content comes back in T8 but oof, with the focus on just the competitive players/EVO I doubt it. Which is a shame because I feel a lot of games, especially arcade & party fighters, lose their charm when they decide to put everything towards just esports or whatever :/

    Not to say these games aren't important to competitive history, of course, but they're not the only player base

  29. I use to play tekken bowling on PSP for hours 😂

  30. Regular Tekken Force Online, and Tekken Force Online PVP For Tekken 8! Let's Goooooooo!

  31. I got bored of playing online in tekken 7 but Tekken 8 is the last hope for us if we get atleas 2 game mode like tekken force or scenario campingn or something fun to play!!

  32. I want all of it In T8, they cannot hold back! 😂

  33. Hoping all of these return in T8 return SF6 bringing a bunch of fun modes besides versus

  34. Thanks for archiving this, brings back nostalgic memories when I had these Tekken games.

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