Amiga - The A500 Mini Games - In Order Of Greatness -

Amiga – The A500 Mini Games – In Order Of Greatness

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Hey whatsup guys OSG here with a video about the Amiga A500 Mini. A while back I did a preview of the system on what was announced…back then we didn’t know the games list but since it’s been announced now I think it’s time to review all the stock games in order of greatness.
Obviously, I know that a lot of people will be side loading games on but many will be keeping their system vanilla and this is what we have to play straight out of the box.
For once the game list isn’t made up of crappy filler games like some of them were on the other minis and we have 25 quality super nostalgic games to play on the stock machine as soon as we boot it up

Anyway, enough talking about it lets take a look at The Amiga A500 Mini Games in order of greatness.

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Games in this video
Intro @ 00:00
Zool @ 00:50
Titus the Fox @ 01:25
California Games @ 02:00
ATR: All Terrain Racing @ 02:35
Battle Chess @ 03:10
Alien Breed 3D @ 03:45
The Lost Patrol @ 04:20
F-16 Combat Pilot @ 04:55
Cadaver @ 05:30
Paradroid 90 @ 06:05
Dragons Breath @ 06:40
Qwak @ 07:15
Project-X: Special Edition ’93 @ 07:50
The Sentinel @ 08:25
Arcade Pool @ 09:00
Kick Off 2 @ 09:35
Alien Breed: Special Edition ’92 @ 10:10
Super Cars II @ 10:45
Worms: The Director’s Cut @ 11:20
The Chaos Engine @ 11:55
Pinball Dreams @ 12:30
Stunt Car Racer @ 13:05
Another World @ 13:40
Simon the Sorcerer @ 14:15
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe @ 14:50


  1. Kinda (really) disappointed that cannon fodder 1 or 2 but more so 1 has been left out.

  2. From a software perspective, it's better IMO to get something like a Pi400, install RetroPie/Batocera, and have your pick of systems and games, even dual-boot with a full Pi O/S. If you want the hardware aspect (gamepad/mouse, minified A500 with non-functioning keyboard), and just an Amiga experience, crack on…

  3. It's just not worth it to me, but i'm spoiled with a MiSTer FPGA 😉

  4. Love me some Simon the Sorcerer. Too bad they never made a Part III to wrap up the story. (*cough*)

  5. No carrier command ………😢I know you can download games from places but they really needed 200 games and not 25 for me to go back for nostalgia at that price point. And that’s coming from an original Amiga owner in the day before I went PC. And even when said PC is a 2004 build now 😂 and I’m still not tempted. Rather put the cash into a new high end rig. If I see it for sale and I know the exact shop it will be in for £40 then maybe.

  6. My Top 3-
    3 – Speedball 2.
    2 – Worms.
    1 – Stunt Car Racer.

    Will be adding all the Turricans, Creatures 1 and 2 and Lemmings, amongst many others.

  7. Kick Off 2 still the best football game ever made

  8. Missing Rainbow Island, Lemmings, Dyna Blaster.

  9. not a bad selection of games but they've missed a trick by not including games like syndicate ,wings of fury ,lure of the temptress ,beneath a steel sky ,turrican 2 and cannon fodder

  10. An absolute stellar collection of games <3
    Whatever nitpicking there is (I've my list of missing must-haves), can easily be hushed down by the fact that this system is now reality in first place.
    How is the usb-joystick compatibility?

  11. There are several games missing from this list that I remember playing a lot on the Amiga. Titles like Monkey Island 1 & 2, Day of the Tentacle, Elvira: Mistress of the dark, Elvira and the jaws of Cerberus, Beneath a steel sky and Moonstone: A hard days knight were all games I played heavily back on the Amiga 500. One more that I feel should be on there is Batman. Sure, it's just a side scrolling platformer but it came in the box with our machine. Also Defender of the Crown was synonymous with the Amiga.

  12. Zool – I never cared for this game. Then again, I'v never really liked Sonic either. It didn't help that my pirated copy of Zool took forever to load.

    Paradroid 90 – I like that the different robots have different appearances, but also, with the numbers, it makes it harder to tell what you're up against. I don't like that the deck plans are much simpler and only scroll vertically. I thought this was a crappy sequel to the original game.

    Stunt Car Racer – There's a hacked version that improves the framerate on faster machines. There's also a "TNT" version that adds new tracks. The WHDLoad for the TNT version also allows you to apply the framerate patch.

    Speedball 2 – Am I the only one who finds this game frustrating to play against the computer? I can max out all of the stats on all my players, but at the start of every match, the computer just mows my guy over like a truck going through cardboard boxes. The computer throws the ball down the field and one of his men is always in a perfect position to catch it. I throw the ball down the field and when it lands, all of my men (who were controlled by the computer while they were off the screen) are all off on the edges of the screen, nowhere near the ball. I also find it 100% impossible to use the score multiplying loops on the sides of the field. Every single time I throw the ball around them, the computer ALWAYS is right there to immediately throw it back and undo the multiplier. I have NEVER been able to throw it around that loop and have it stay against the computer.

  13. I just don't see the point of this system or the games. Buy a Raspberry Pi and install RetroPie. It costs less and you can do more with it.

  14. I'll wait until they decide to bring out an Amiga A1200/4000 Maxi with a proper keyboard, an option to install a hard drive, the ability to install any legit version of amiga os depending on which cpu and Kickstarter versions you were emulating from 68000 to 68060 series and Kickstarter version to run, add extra ram by either emulating or installing physical ram sticks and be able to overclock the system as you obviously couldn't install an accelerator/gpu card or do you think I am asking for too much?

  15. How does lag affect Kick Off 2 is going to be key for that one, also whether or not you can attach a usb microswitch joystick or not. You don't have the manual dexterity on a gamepad to play Kick Off 2 and you also need the audible feedback from the microswitches in a tactile sense.

    Another big thing for me is how easy it will be to add and obtain more whdload games, all my Amiga games are in adf format and I never had a whdload Amiga back in the day it was all games on floppy, so…

    Games I need to add:

    Rick Dangerous
    Cannon Fodder
    Maga Lo Mania
    Archer Mclean's Pool
    Super Stardust
    Risky Woods
    Rainbow Islands
    Xenon 2
    Boxing Manager
    Anco Player Manager
    Sensible Soccer

  16. No shadow dancer or last samurai 😱😭😭 I wont buy!!!

  17. I will be adding
    Phantisie 3
    Ports of Call
    Eye of the Beholder
    Kings Bounty
    And Defender of the Crown

  18. I remember some of these games in ports for my old 486 computer. This is quite interesting, how much does this mini cost?

  19. Good list. Some of the games that played way back then was New York Warriors, Wings, defender of the Crown and It came from the Desert. This of course is just partial list. Might and Magic 2 and 3, King's Bounty and many others. With WHDload you can play the rest of your favorites.

  20. Simon the sorcerer = Harry Potter. Battle Chess = chess game in first Harry Potter film.

  21. How comes you don't like ATR as much, but love Super Cars 2? I feel like it is sluggish and ugly compared to ATR, with the weapons being the only thing on the plus side. I ask as I had both games and ATR is one of my favourite Amiga games.

  22. I was in Greece and Holland during the late 80's early 90's… The Amiga was THE system of choice for gamers, period, back then. I had a large collection of games… fast forward to today, its interesting to see the top 10 or the top whatever list of games for this system Its definitely based on personal tastes of course, but when a system like this A500 is released, it does seem a shame that most likely due to license issues, most of the agreed upon best games can not be included… The good news is your personal favorites can be added; I just hope the process to do so is not too difficult. TV Sports Football, Dungeon Master, Shadow Of The Beast, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Earl Weaver Baseball, Eye Of The Beholder, ANY of the "Gold Box" Dungeons and Dragon Series, Insanity Flight, Super Hang On, and so many others were graphically fantastic for the times, but gameplay wise were really far ahead of their time. THAT is why there are still so many people who love the Amiga to this day… most of the OG's from back then are 45 to 65, and still are into those games, because yes, they do bring back very fond memories… I remember going to many computer shows back then and it was all Amiga, ALL the time… Too bad piracy destroyed the sales of the system and software, but we had a wonderful time with this system. Todays consoles wipe the floor graphically of course, but there was something special about the Amiga… there still is… Take care, everyone…

  23. Today I discovered they're going to be releasing an amiga mini. 🙂 Thanks youtube. I definitely won't be buying. (But here have a comment on your video.)

    There's nothing there that's great. Is it better than the games that came with my first ever amiga? Probably. But it's nothing that'd make me want to buy it, especially not at the price it's at.

    Speedball 2 is definitely my favourite out of the games too. It was so much fun playing in two player mode. I also liked the football management portion when I was a kid. Worms was good but is available on lots of other platforms. Simon the Sorcerer was a solid point and click adventure, better than some, but of all the point and click games on the amiga it wasn't one that wowed me.

    One of my favourite things was I could split-screen play with my sister, and could hook up two mice, or two joysticks, to play. Settlers, and 2 player lemmings were great for that.

    Where's all the strategy games? Strategy, and Point+Click Adventure were my favourite genres, and there's a complete lack of them there. Just a bunch of mostly mediocre games. Not a fan of Zool or Titus the Fox either. And vastly preferred Flashback over Another World.

  24. Is Defender Of The Crown included with the mini?

  25. 10:09 "In 9th place we have "Alien Breed: Special Edition '93" THEN WHY DO THE CAPTIONS EVERYWHERE SAY '92!?!

  26. Titus looks like a Bubsy wannabe, lol! 😆

  27. Glad to see Simon and Another World in the top 3 where they belong!

  28. Pity the new Amiga mini doesn't use adf files. How to kill your customer base in one easy move, or what.

  29. Super Cars 2 is the best on that list. Nothing I loved more than dropping a mine and blowing up my friend right behind me. Great fun!

  30. Okay, I know what 'SWOS' is, you know what 'SWOS' is…but maybe someone watching your video doesn't…so maybe you could call it Sensible Soccer?

  31. "Another World" was technically impressive. Amazing graphics too. But the gameplay was WAY too hard, verging on the unplayable for me. Your typical French game 🙂

  32. There's some great games here for sure, but i'm actually amazed that Lemmings isn't one of them, as i'm sure many other folks will be too, as the impact that that game had one me all those years ago is never forgotten, and to this day it's still awesome to play. Same can be said for Cannon Fodder really, another belter not included, and I could list so many others too, but everyone's tastes vary eh?

    But as the saying goes, you cannot please all of the people all of the time, but you can of course add as many classics as you want via USB stick, and for keyboard controlled games, you can also plug in a USB keyboard!

    I'm looking forward to receiving mine soon which I pre-ordered the other day, even though I already own several Amiga machines, including a souped up CD32, but this will still be a lovely little thing to own and from other videos i've seen it does look super cute 😀

    Another great video OSG, keep up the great work mate!!

    P.S. – No Top Banana either??? What they playing at man? 😀

  33. I don't know if Another World does look dated, the market is awash with indie games that either use cel shading or pixel art so people are still used to these aesthetics.

  34. A good selection of games that "had" to be included from the Amiga's wonderful back catalogue but some really poor inclusions too. As Psygnosis got swallowed up by Sony when they bulldozed their way into gaming and became SCEE that probably explains why none of their titles are included…

    In my opinion it should have been just Miggy exclusives to show why people to this day still play either on original hardware or via emulation, follow the scene and still develop for it.

    Battle Chess, The Lost Patrol, Paradroid '90, Qwak (I love the Bubble Bobble series and thought Qwak was a real gem) Project X SE, and everything you have included in your top 8 probably would have made my list to be fair although no matter what got included/left out will never satisfy all gaming preferences 🙂

    But why include Zool and Titus the Fox when you had Ruff N Tumble, Kid Chaos & Superfrog?

    ATR? I think the only other overhead vehicle game other than obviously Micro Machines worth a mention was Vison's wonderful Roadkill.

    Wizkid, Hunter, Fuzzball, Carrier Command, Myth, Jim Power, Gods, Disposable Hero, SWIV, Fiendish Freddy's Bit Top O Fun, The First Samurai, Hired Guns, Push Over, Cannon Fodder, Super Stardust, Turrican, Moonstone, Apidya, Batman The Movie, Extase, Fury of the Furries, Lotus Turbo Challenge II, Rick Dangerous… Far too many to list to be honest but some really quirky and fun original games just in that list that should have been considered for the short list for the end product… and why the Amiga was just so damn good 🙂

    Thanks for the video OSG 🙂

  35. Silkworm, swiv battle squadron, shadow of the beasts, menace, magic pockets, mean areanas, wing commander, James pond, unreal, xenon 2 mega blast, turrican but a few of what I would love to see.

  36. Everyone is passionate about which Amiga game was best.
    Number 1 – Kick Off 2.

  37. I can't beleive they didn't add robocop side scrolling game. I spent majority of childhood playing that game.

  38. Populous 2, wings, IT came from desert, brutal sport Etc so Many good games not on The list

  39. I started watching the video, thinking to myself 'I'll watch until I get to Speedball 2'… Well played good sir!

  40. I feel like only about ten of these bundled games are still worth playing, but the easy WHDload capability makes this a fantastic mini. SWOS is still great fun even now.

  41. This is a solid selection, and I'm particularly happy to see WormsDC included. It's the best version of Worms, and it's a shame so few got to experience it back I'm the day. As far as I am aware, this is the first time it has been re-released in any form.

  42. What an amazing piece of work. Appreciate the time put into making this huge collection of vids👍🏼 Of course there were favourites not mentioned. Wish you could have doubled the time given for each game But like other commenters I went by studio. Anything by Team17, Psygnosis, Sensible Software and Geoff Crammond were always top notch – the music, sfx, graphics and always always gameplay were top shelf. So my top ten will always include Alien Breed, Sensible Soccer, Geoff Crammond’s F1, F18 Interceptor and that damn helicopter sim haha. One thing it’s nice to be reminded of is the absolute dominance of platform game genre at the time. I think the sheer number of them forced developers into thinking laterally and every one had it’s own quirk or character that made them unique. I wasn’t a fan of platformers but played a few anyway, but I appreciate towards the end of the Amiga’s life Nintendo was taking over and the absolute dominating and rule defining platformer was Mario. Then came Playstation and an entire industry pivoted towards the console dominated world we have today. But the Amiga era it’s fun to be reminded that we saw a lot of genre defining firsts. Dune2, the first RTS. The first really playable 3D games. The first ‘God’ games. I ended up working as a designer in the games biz and I made console games by day but played PC games by night, was more a sim gamer and action games with a cinematic flair like the class of its own Alien Breed and the Bitmap’s Chaos Engine. Thanks to all the devs out there that brought us such a diverse collection,of passion-fueled projects, some of which we actually paid for 😆Happy days!

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