Battle Mini-game - 10 in a Row Challenge (1) -

Battle Mini-game – 10 in a Row Challenge (1)

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Part 2 – Battle Mini-game – 10 in a Row Challenge (2)

Welcome to the 10 in a row challenge. In this challenge I will be attempting to win 10 games in a row on the battle mini-game. Enjoy.

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  1. 16:06 this is a very tense moment at the moment
    Stampy 2016
    Funniest cat ever.

  2. Who else got annoyed when stampy said I have a bow and it was a fishing rod

  3. I’m just now rewatching stampy’s old videos and I’m realizing how fast he is talking. He doesnt stop talking

  4. Wait what this was three years ago I remember this coming out

  5. Stampy Phoenix was running he didn’t take fall damage

  6. Can you do a challenge where you cant sprint so only walking and then if you crouch you have to keep on crouching for the whole game and have a nice day.

  7. in the first round i knew 4 of those people in real life

  8. There was so many youtubers in this game with you. Minigod, tankmat, Phoenix, starplays 😲

  9. Make sure to jump and hit it’s very effective

  10. This brought back so many memories. I haven’t watched stamps in years. I know many comments say this but Stampy had and is making me laugh every day! Thank you for everything stampy!!!!

  11. Man, I miss this. You really should go back to the older versions and make more vids of battle

  12. Imagine if stampy was in Minecraft Monday and was partnered up with Technoblade that would be cool.

  13. In that last round Phoenix was in the water, so how could he have taken fall damage from stampy’s arrow?

  14. If u see this I am in 2021 and rewatching this because it is my favorite series

  15. i love you stampy, when i was around 12 i used to watch your videos all the time. I just remembered you and wanted to reflect on memories when life was good. I am now 16, i just wanted to tell you i love you and i will never forget my childhood <3

  16. Stampy: really difficult to win 10 games in a row

    Technoblade: hold my beer

  17. I miss this sooo much but now we can't play it unless u choose to go back to play the old version

  18. 5:33 its honestly creepy how i was wondering how he was putting his armor on without opening the inventory menu and then he literally explain it 2 seconds later☠

  19. but um can somebody explain how ur able to join servers on xbox edition? i thought that was only for PC?

  20. Anyone gonna talk about how Phoenix, tank Matt, and minigod are in the server?

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