Battle Mini-game - 10 in a Row Challenge (5) -

Battle Mini-game – 10 in a Row Challenge (5)

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Welcome to the 10 in a row challenge. In this challenge I will be attempting to win 10 games in a row on the battle mini-game. Enjoy.

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  1. im in 2019 i wish there still was mini gams

  2. Minecraft chickens are all girls
    Because the all lay eggs
    But chickens bread so it’s lesbian chickins

  3. @17:14 Look There we go they’re looking in a chest. Oh no there’s somebody behind me, NOOO!”

    He was fishing “FISH” CAT

  4. it said adam and that is my name

  5. I love u Stampy ur my favorite YouTuber!

  6. ive won more than 18 times in a dos

    (trust me im a Lucky person)

  7. I suck at battling so I will uh, ☹️

  8. Thumbnail: has an enchanted “iron sword”

  9. If the players are crouching that means you don't want to make friends with you.

  10. Try to spell battle with eyes closed
    Woah 2 tries I had my eyes closed

  11. You can go on the chest by going on the stone slabs

  12. "Maybe if i could keep this up for another 20 years…"
    Lol me with everything

  13. 14:23 I looked at a comment from the actual guy he said his friend distracted him

  14. I add you as a friend my user is panther pro7895 please play with me mini games

  15. Stampy I am good at playing battle but I really really shake when I play and win a lot

  16. The both Stampyfangirls are on the same XBOX

  17. Omg I love you I always think you your videos so good

  18. My step dad told me to run away from the middle.

  19. i need to keep this a how and arrow fight..

    *throws potion*

  20. The nostalgia is coming back to me, I subscribed years ago and stop watching in early 2020, coming back has been great

  21. I win 10 in a row because I play with Harry and he's only 9

  22. Stampy was taken out of stampy fan girl
    Me: yeah thats not a fan

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