Battle Mini-game - Goodbye Switch Edition -

Battle Mini-game – Goodbye Switch Edition

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In this video I am playing the battle mini-game on the Nintendo Switch to say goodbye to that version of the game.

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  1. 11:48 Let's go put my BOWS in my hand. Um stamps what about the arrows?? I didn't know u could put more than bow in ur hand at once, let alone in ur😂😂

  2. Most YouTubers play Fortnite, Stampy plays Minecraft battle mini game! Keep being awesome!

  3. Noooo I love battle mini-games. Why Minecraft Why?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Who wants to 1v1 on the mini games?
    I am a Xbox player, My GT is king joshua1031.

  5. Stampy you should do more battle.With custom so you have more than 1 Life. Play Either on the Xbox one or ps4.😁

  6. Garados wins because there's a chest in the skull on cove and that is the only chest that spawn good loot. The harder the chest is to get the better..

  7. This is why I bought Minecraft Win U edition INSTEAD

  8. Play baldy's basics in education and learning

  9. I sort of think they gave up on the ps4 edition too…

  10. This is the last time we will see good old Super Stampy Cat Mario

  11. can I 1v1 you on battle mini games ps4 plz

  12. I have a nitendo switch and a pc 3. (i do not use the pc 3 alot) u can stil play these minigames on:pc 3 and Wii u

  13. Stampy! You need to play Minecraft Nintendo Switch more often!!! PLEASE!!!! Battle minigame is so fun when you’re playing!

  14. Why cant they just update and add the mini games back on the latest minecraft?

  15. Love your skin btw. Stampy Mario! yeah I know this is late but I’m rewatching stamps vids

  16. Okay, I rlly kinda don't care about battle, cuz i only do survival…. Not sorry 🙂

  17. There js niw the bedrock edition it has the pillager and village update

  18. 7:26 drop the bow and arrows and you have a decent set-up for The Wizard Challenge

  19. I never got to play the old version because I have the new version I wish I could get the old so I could play battle mini game

  20. I want battle mini-game on Nintendo switch back

  21. can you tell me where the take all button is on switch

  22. you can always set ur minecraft to older version to play it …

  23. How can I still get that version? I'm trying to find it 🙏

  24. Minecraft is on the switch still. I just downloaded it yesterday. It's just the bedrock edition 4 the switch.

  25. It’s lucky that cat Mario is so close to your color scheme! They could’ve picked any kind of cat for that appearance! -Kass

  26. 😭😭😭😭😭 they should’ve kept the game mode

  27. İ know it is removed from Nintendo switch but İ think we can find a way to download it cant we?

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