Best Minigames In Gorilla Tag // Gorilla Tag -

Best Minigames In Gorilla Tag // Gorilla Tag

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I do not own any music, sound effects, or memes

Thx for the thumbnail Maximility go check him out

Momo do by the mini Vandals

Did I Stutter? – By OniChannBruno

Training Day – Infraction


  1. “You sound like a 4 year old” oh and you don’t?

  2. Him saying ankles even tho they don’t have any

  3. Him:ankles are broken they don’t even have ankles

  4. I was just thinking monkey on the branch you start from the log when you go into the game and you need to be on the branches and jump to the tree house but if your not on a branch you get tagged

  5. that Ghost was Echo, Ghosts cant wear Cosmetics you know That?

  6. i love the cuts there so perfect. great job!

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