Black Ops 2: "Nuketown ATARI Easter Egg" (BO2 4 Secret Mini Games Nuketown 2025) | Chaos -

Black Ops 2: “Nuketown ATARI Easter Egg” (BO2 4 Secret Mini Games Nuketown 2025) | Chaos

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Black Ops 2: “Nuketown ATARI Easter Egg” (BO2 4 Secret Mini Games Nuketown 2025) | Chaos



  1. every one you actually have 2 minutes to do this

  2. It's real it actually works :DD It took 4 of us though xD

  3. omg it works O_O but there is no time lilit

  4. Freind me:Drew Brees dude. Everybody is aloud to fr me if i dont have a full list

  5. The timer is 120 sec. And I did it in my one.

  6. me and my three friends on local trying to do this. We can't make it work. I've done it before….. Plz help 🙁

  7. Its not gonna fuckin work!!! He is just trolling you guys!

  8. Gurkan3 dude it does work. Me and my cousin did it before

  9. it really works me and my friends did it.

  10. dood this is fucking real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked for me dood stop saying it is fake it really works i played it for 5 mins!

  11. the first real easter egg everyone thinks its fake

  12. Under 120 seconds, pretty sure it only works on custom games, and is real.

  13. This one actually works unlike his other ones he's a troller

  14. Has no one noticed the postbox next to this has the name 'Mason'

  15. you wanna know why they put this in the following cod games after cod world at war? wanna know why they put atari in the rest of them? its because im UnbeatenAtari from cod world at war. the easter eggs are most likely also made after me or somewhat influenced after me too aswell as other things. cuz well we all know im very famous in waw1. 🙂 i wonder if they made an exploding mountain in that game too. cuz then that would be made after AtomicMountain. anyways cheers. 🙂

  16. I believe it’s real but it’s not working anymore

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