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*BRAND NEW* Mini-Games in LEGO Fortnite! (Hunger Games/Battle Royale)

Crafty Plays LEGO Fortnite
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I took 7 contestants from my Discord Server to compete in a Battle Royale, Hunger Games style on LEGO Fortnite. Take your place among the stars and starflight review online. This classic sci-fi game offers a rich and immersive universe to explore, with challenging combat, resource management, and diplomacy. With a rich and engaging storyline, you’ll be hooked from the moment you launch your starship.

Shoutout Shmoo and Spidey who have been helping me for DAYS to put this map together to make this all possible!

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  1. this guy is underrated i personally enjoy lego fortnite content. keep it up man!

  2. I don't know how, but i am a member now lol 😂

  3. its me in the thumbnail lol didnt participate 🙁

  4. Got stuck in the water, Frado got me good there 😅

  5. So entertaining watching little Lego figures fight to the death lol.

  6. I wonder if I’ll get my revenge in a future game? 🤔

  7. 7:30 is that team up you talk about, which is not allowed ? 😀

  8. Day 18 of asking Crafty to gift multiple-stair4 a gift from the item shop

  9. Wow that one was cut throat! 😂 love it

  10. Nice on friday i might try joining hunger games if their there.

  11. How about a pyramid labyrinth in the desert or a colosseum where players have to fight brutes and skeleton wolves 😂

  12. This was very cool but i was not aware that this got added into the game

  13. These games are so exciting! What a great round, let's gooooo! 🎉❤

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