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Built an AWESOME MINECRAFT Controller

Raccoon Facts
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Minecraft Motion Controller (Custom Gold PickAxe) DIY

I built this Minecraft controller for the pc.


Only cool kids click here ok?

It has motion controls as well as thumbsticks for movement and all the buttons you need to play are on the controller, like jump, menu, item scroll Left click and right click.

It is a lot of fun it feels very immersive, but minecraft always seems to drag me in no matter what. Just using this controller for a long time actually really starts hurting my hands lol!

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  1. Amazing what you can do with a Audino ide

  2. If you will notice there are two button on the handle hence-. Don't do cheating 🚫🚫🚫 Android to scam

  3. I now understand why YouTubers are pros at Minecraft😮❤

  4. Is this video used to help, or to make people give up because of how difficult it is🤔? I mean come on for a person who doesn't have a PC no more this is some bull shiii

  5. It’s all fun and games until you actually throw it at your PC 📸💀

  6. Just get a vr and don’t make all that shit

  7. Funds are not going anywhere in my life😂😂😂😂

  8. Один раз не рассчитать, и минус монитор 😂

  9. Прикольно. Осталось только реализовать передвижение в пространстве

  10. this… is the happiest man on the entire fucking universe.

  11. Сказочник андерсон блин

  12. Hear me out

    Would work even better in Bedrock edition

  13. Главное когда бъешь моба кирков не фигакнуть по манитору

  14. Gets too excited and destroys his computer

  15. If you use a vr to move your head you can use one hand to control and the other for move the camera or other commands

  16. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe. Some people seemed confused that I am moving and aiming. This has 2 THUMBSTICKS and a few extra buttons built in. You don't need anything else to play. if you are interested I have a full length video going over the build. It also includes more gameplay. It is on my channel. If you need the code it's on my github. Feel free to ask questions lol. Code was written in c++. Here is the code for the ones would like to see https://github.com/RaccoonFacts/Minecraft-Pickaxe-Controller

    Oh, and apparently Minecraft Vr is a thing lmao my bad. I made this originally just to learn how to code analog inputs and a little extra. Regardless it was a lot of fun to make 😀

    *Good Vibes Only*

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