Can you LOSE Every Minigame in Super Mario Party? -

Can you LOSE Every Minigame in Super Mario Party?

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Falc goes on a lose-a-thon in Super Mario Party minigames…
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What’s up I’m RedFalcon and right now I’m playing Mario Party Superstars for the Nintendo Switch. I might play minigames against the Master CPUs, I might play boards against characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Rosalina, Birdo, Wario, Waluigi and more?! Is that all of them? We don’t know yet! What we do know as that we can play Mario Party Superstars online on boards like Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Peach’s Birthday Cake, Space Land, Horror Land, and more! Stay tuned, and subscribe for more Mario Party action honestly if you’re reading this then I would be shocked if you weren’t already subscribed I’m not sure why I’m asking you.. you gotta be one of the FANS. Well thanks for watching, keep enjoyin and don’t be afraid to touch my thumb button on the video and leave a comment if you made it this far in the description tags. Tell me who your favorite character is and why is it Yoshi because he’s so cute it’s literally unfair. Ok bye!!


Can you LOSE Every Minigame in Super Mario Party?


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  1. For the pole one you have to shake the controller while spaming L or R

  2. my mom overheard when you said “stop juggling your nuts over there” 😂😂😂😂💀

  3. Hi I am Averley I love your video’s and I love you 😊 ❤

  4. Shy guy is my favorite character to player in Mario party👍

  5. you had c rank at that baloon game like 5 times bro 😐

  6. the super mario sliding race vs penguin is so nice

  7. The holy sh- on the balloon minigame just proved how tired falcon was.

  8. What happened to falcon saying dry bons

  9. The Portuguese national teams sub in which Rui Costa got a red for taking to long to leave the field

  10. 4 Rattle and hmmm hold the remote control next to your ear and you can hear what sound it is

  11. “Lotta nuts… small nuts…quit juggling your nuts over there! Look how nice those buns look,“oooooofffffffff💀

  12. "Don't show this. x2"

    Me: [the rock side eye]

  13. "Let's suck let's suck let's suck let's suck, aww come on guys dude dude Donkey Kong need's to go hard on the bottom". 💀 (12:25)

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