Can you SCORE!? Brawl Ball Shoot-Out Mini Game!!! (ft. Lex, OJ, Pat, Tom & Yde) -

Can you SCORE!? Brawl Ball Shoot-Out Mini Game!!! (ft. Lex, OJ, Pat, Tom & Yde)

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Brawl Stars Brawl Ball Shoot-Out Mini Game!
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Today we play a 1v1 Shoot-out or Penalty Kick Mini game in Brawl Ball with Lex, Orange Juice, Chief Pat, Tom & Yde with some high stakes.. sort of!!

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  1. Why does pat look like primo in the thumbnail

  2. Isnt it weird he never won only 1timeand he said fake secret

  3. Ben how did you make this,i tried it,and it wouldn't work for me 🙁

  4. Ben I saw your club and your with pat in the club

  5. I thought I was gonna hear allot of secrets today

  6. Got nani collete Jackie and crow today

  7. Wait that game tv ok already show it

  8. Me:aww Weres kiaros ben: oj’s here me: yayyyyyyyyy oj

  9. 1:05 Lex takes the lead!
    1:16 It’s all tied on!
    3:37 Lex needs one more point to win!
    3:42 Next point wins!
    4:18 and 5:00 Lex wins!

    5:30 OJ takes the lead!
    5:47 OJ needs one more point to win!
    6:03 Bt1 is catching up!
    7:06 Next point wins!
    7:21 Bt1 wins!

    8:26 Pat takes the lead!
    9:00 Pat needs one more point to win!
    10:03 Bt1 is catching up!
    10:23 Next point wins!
    10:58 Pat wins!

    12:12 Tom takes the lead!
    12:43 It’s all tied on!
    12:51 Tom needs one more point to win!
    12:57 Next point wins!
    14:14 Tom wins!

    14:47 Yde takes the lead!
    15:02 It’s all tied on!
    15:40 Bt1 needs one more point to win!
    16:36 Next point wins!
    16:56 Yde wins!

  10. I don’t have edgar ik I’m a loser

  11. Wow pro bt1 lose in every single match congratulations hahahaha

  12. Pls don't do it again subscriber's will unsubscribe to you

  13. Everyone use code on berceuse I got amber when I whas useing it

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