CHEATING - Pokemon Stadium Mini Games VERSUS Ft. ShadyPenguinn and NateWantsToBattle -

CHEATING – Pokemon Stadium Mini Games VERSUS Ft. ShadyPenguinn and NateWantsToBattle

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ShadyPenguinn and NateWantsToBattle go head to head in a Pokemon Stadium Mini Games VERSUS! This is only part one, so be sure to watch part two down below! Enjoy!

Part Two:

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CHEATING – Pokemon Stadium Mini Games VERSUS Ft. ShadyPenguinn and NateWantsToBattle



  1. Lol, i'm surprised you guys didn't even know how to play. I spent my childhood playing these a lot

  2. The Team Tabby Archive [] Middle School Days says:

    I lost it at the rattatas XDXD

  3. shady its really annoying when you dont know the rules and act like thats an excuse.
    1. how have you never played these, pokemon is literally your life, it doesnt make sense.
    2. fucking read, jesus.

  4. You guys should play Pokemon stadium two mini games because those are super fun. These games were my childhood.

  5. Thanks for doing this Shady! i love gen 1 pokemon games and am glad u dived into the fun mini games as well

  6. Anybody notice how the rock harden game is sorta the same instructions as the first five nights at freddy's.

  7. Hey Shady you should make Stadium 2 mini games, they are fun as hell i still play it with my young brother!

  8. The nostalgia is so reallllllll!!! I remember camping in blockbuster to play this game cAuse we couldn't afford an N64.

  9. So nostalgic!!! I remember playing these after school

  10. Am I the only one that thinks its weird that there's no facecam? I guess I got super use to Shady having one

  11. Aw Yellow Clefairy, you're just a big dummy-dumb, aren't you?

  12. This was AMAZING!! Brought back so many memories!

  13. Lol Shady has an excuse for EVERYTHING. Such a sore loser. Lol

  14. JuSt came over from nates channel, and i'm going to tell you the same thing, thank you for bringing a smile to my face. This game brought back wonderful memories.

  15. They should make splash like rapid spin or Defog splashing water into the hazired

  16. Pokemon stadium 2s mini games are pretty fun to please do them 🙂

  17. About halfway through I realized it was Nate not nippz lolololololol

  18. nooooo you skipped my favorite one, the Sandshrew 🙁
    I was undefeated on that one as a kid.

  19. How did shady win? He has no idea what's going on the entire video XV

  20. Bounce back, shady, we need you to come through. It would be awesome if you could keep forever working together.

  21. I knew Shady wouldn't do well in Clefairy Says with his crappy memory haha

  22. this video brings back so many memories…

  23. Lol I was always terrible at the Clefairy says game. My memory is just as bad as Shady's. xD

  24. I remember these games like it was yesterday.. Good times.

  25. Just a little advice, try to edit your vids so the game isn't louder than you :p

  26. the rock harden minigame made laugh so hard😂😂😂😂😂

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