Chicken Hunter Minigame in Minecraft! #shorts -

Chicken Hunter Minigame in Minecraft! #shorts

Cubius Shorts
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How to make a CHICKEN HUNTER MINIGAME in Minecraft!

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  1. “Hey milx, why is your back bent while your walking..”

    “According to this YouTube short I’m 99”

  2. “The red stone is simple”
    The red stone:↕️↕️↩️⬆️⤵️⤴️⬇️⬇️⤵️↙️🔼⬇️🔽🔼⏫️↕️↔️🔼⬅️↩️🔀⏫️➡️↘️⤴️

  3. PETA is gonna lose their vegan poops over this! Lmao!


  5. The redstone is simple 🙂 me: …mhm yeah sure

  6. you turning people into the pysco who kills newborn chickens

  7. Or you can make one similar to the one in Minecraft's map Crab Carnival or whatever. I've got it on bedrock, on an xbox one and theres a game where it spawns about 5 chickens and you have to use a fishing rod to bring them to a section under you, where they will hit pressure plates or string.

  8. If I here this song again I will frikin explode

  9. Does anyone know what kind of Minecraft version that is?

  10. The Redstone is simple *builds a working calculator*💀

  11. "The redstone is simple" proceeds to put comparator down

  12. The most complicated thing I've seen is trying to get rid of these redstone noobs saying "The redstone is simple" "*Proceeds to make mumbo jumbo's repeating at kfc's*" DAWG IGNORE THE VID IF YOU THINK ITS COMPLICATED-

  13. What if the chicken is in survival difficulty is hard😅

  14. Alternative title how to make trigger the vegan teacher

  15. 🥚🦴🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍔🧇🍓🍉🍭🌶🍎🍌🍧🍨🍦🥕🍝

  16. عبدالله محمد ابراهیم says:

    . use acrobat 💗

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