Color rush might be the next best gorilla tag mini game -

Color rush might be the next best gorilla tag mini game

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  1. “ SpongeBob!!!!❤❤” at 00:10 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Every time I play that minigmae lava monkeys go outside

  3. The kid that he kissed you did 3 times minigames is usually the most popular in gorilla tag😅😅😅

  4. I’m I’m just saying if you’re a good 😌 you know how much it is and I’m sure 👍 if I don’t say anything wrong 😑 it’s a lot more fun 🤩 but I’m sure 👍 it’s not the most important to you so you don’t get to decide who to talk about yourself in public and what you’re going on in private or in the comments or on twitter and you know what you are going on in your private chat 💬 with the people that you’re not in it to get a chance so I guess it’s not the best to go to the gym and be a good friend and be yourself to you know but you know how much of the same as me I just can’t get it doesn’t matter what I just need a little more about me I just don’t know if you’re a little too many of us have to do something wrong and I’m just a bit more like you yeah 👍 but it’s just me so yeah 👍 so much more to me use to do something about the best friend is my favorite 7:40 7:47 7:49 7:50 7:51 7:51 7:52 7:52 7:52 7:52 7:53 7:53 7:53 7:53 7:53 7:54 7:55 7:55 I love it was just like I love it makes you feel good and you can always do whatever I don’t care what I don’t know how much you do you don’t care how you my best friend comes at 8:35 8:37 8:38 8:39 8:40 8:41 8:41 8:42 8:42 8:42 8:43 8:43 8:43 8:43 8:43 8:44 8:44 8:44 8:44 8:44 8:45 8:45 8:45 8:46 8:46 8:46 8:46 8:46 8:47 8:47 8:47 8:47 8:48 8:48 8:48 8:48 8:48 8:49 8:49 8:49 8:50 so we can go out and play and I was blue monkey

  5. I have been in a live stream I was a purple monkey with a giant gorilla head

  6. bruh am i the only one who realy likes this man and keep up the great work and you might not see this but just wanted to tell you that you are doing awesome

  7. everyone doesn’t listen to me in color rush rules they just do the way they do😢😭

  8. You are playing it wrong you can’t touch the floor that is okay tho

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