Don’t look behind you is the Scariest mini game in gorilla tag -

Don’t look behind you is the Scariest mini game in gorilla tag

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Hehe Michael Jackson#gorillatag 



  2. I wanna play, is there like some code that only that game?

  3. This is a gamemode for gtag i made a couple of days ago, it's called "Salt in the wound" it is played in canyons. It starts off with the lava monkey picking a spot in the canyon not on the top, in it. Then all of the colored monkeys go around him. Then the lava monkey yells "salt in the wound", the he counts to ten while the colored monkeys run away from him, after ten seconds he can chase them. the colored monkey's goal is to get to a salt block without getting tagged, only one colored monkey can be on a salt block at a time. once the round is over you do it all over again with more and more lava monkeys.

  4. Just so you know I can play anytime besides Monday or Wednesday and this is to Jittery bongo

  5. yo bro remember me we just played a couple minutes ago

  6. Can you make a discord and share the code for other subscriber

  7. Can I have a shoutout this will be the word “monke”

  8. Can we play together pls I need help with the game you can record a video my user is clegg0414

  9. im definitely subscribed and liked definitely

  10. "bro you cant run while counting" meanwhile him running on 2

  11. I am getting a oculus quest 2 i am so excited

  12. The kid at the end with the sound board lmao

  13. Show some respect for water😢 RIP

  14. Am going to make a gt game and it is called the demons cave and YOU can play it cuz I don’t play gt so you have to run in mine anywhere BUT not the dark that is were the is were the demon is, when the demon says COMEING you have to run out of the mine if you don’t you DIE feel free to use it!

  15. Is that mr.zacko I sometimes play with him

  16. This is a late comment but do yo mind if i can do this many game for my yt

  17. I made my own mini game it’s called watch out


  19. Like in subscribe or I’ll eat your mother

  20. We’re you playing with MrZacko in the thumbnail?

  21. I thought of a game kind a like that, but it was that you could go anywhere around the map and that if someone was lava a monkey all the lava monkeys could say turn around

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