DRAGON ESCAPE! - Mineplex Mini Game W/AshDubh - minigamesltc.site

DRAGON ESCAPE! – Mineplex Mini Game W/AshDubh

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Douglas The Dragon y u do dis?

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  1. please do more dragon escape I am you biggest fan ever I even have your skin in minecraft

  2. I think they did the 2 vids on mineplex so they can keep their yt rank or just for fun not sure

  3. ugh you goof squid you did it again UUUUUUUUUUUGHHGH!

  4. Caught u looking at comments 🙂 YOUR GROUNDED!!!! Litterally. I'm gonna put you IN the ground (Just Kidding)

  5. omg elligrant was in your vid??? shes my friend and she keeps on flurting me

  6. Could you do some more of these like if you agree

  7. Plz keep doing pc with ask I love watching them :))) also love you

  8. Pls play school of dragons ( a different game, not minecraft and not roblox.) But a really cool how to train your Dragon game!

  9. Damn is not a swear I say it all the time like damn your dumb

  10. Squid, dragon escape is like death run except instead of death there a dragon chasing you! Once you die you don’t revive and ITS HARD IF UR A NOOB!!!

  11. The first dragon is my favourite dogs name


  13. Gosh, I suck at minecraft parkour, I guess because i'm not used to Minecraft controls, i'm just getting used to PC Minecraft controls, I also need a skin because the steve skin just won't do, okay maybe it will, but I want a better skin.

  14. 0:18
    Ash clearly tells Squid what button it is
    ”No one told me it was right click”

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