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EASTER EGG: Five Nights At Freddy’s 2: Death Screen Mini Game: The Chase?

Suzy Lu
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  1. I'm curious as to what happens if you don't follow the Marionette… 

  2. I wish people would explore this one there are other areas in that place.

  3. Wait……… Save them…….. Starts in a room with the old broken animatronics…….. Looks like old Freddy you're playing as………………… It all makes sense now……………………………………………………………


  5. The Marionette isn't the killer, btw. It's the entity we currently refer to as "The Purple Man". The Marionette is somehow related to him, though. I suspect some kind of dark pact at work or something.

  6. I think the puppet try to kill the old robots and Freddy is trying to get revenge I really don't know what is the background story??

  7. If you look closely right after you get killed by foxy you can see a face that kind of resembles foxy in the static!

  8. Where is the Foxy in the static? Anyone have s link to a picture of it or something?

  9. I think this all means that the new animatronics were the malfunctioning ones all along the old ones were being controlled by the puppet, I think Freddy is trying to stop the puppet from killing people because Freddy, Bonnie, chica and foxy are all good guys. (Just a theory)

  10. 0:43 sounds like screaming to me 0_0 Also, what could be happening? The voice is spelling S A V E  T H E M, and you're dressed as Golden Freddy chasing down a marionette with, wait, and we're looking at the old and now broken animatronics from the first game in the beginning, so we're obviously in the 2nd restaurant. There is what appears to be a woman crying too. I personally think the phone guy from FNAF1 murdered the children and quit his job so you would be framed as the children's murderer to the animatronics, but instead he was stuffed into the Golden Freddy suit (or possibly any suit but I think that one would be most reasonable). They said that the old animatronics are used for spare parts, thus making the new ones haunted. What if the suit PG1 (phone guy 1) was stuffed into was used for the marionette? Maybe the marionette killed children in the new restaurant and the daytime worker was framed making him fired. This easter egg could have happened when the new guy was switched to daytime worker, and not being able to save them in time he never got over the guilt of "IT'S ME" as in "IT'S MY FAULT" making the hallucinations happen and slowly drive him insane with guilt.

  11. I think what happened is that this is fnaf 1. You're in the original restaurant and on the 6 the night, someone is bitten on the next day, the bite of 87. After that, the company loses money and is forced to be cheaper, via the limited power in fnaf 1

  12. There are still a lot of gaps in this, but I think that Freddy(The original Freddy) actually tried to save the kids or maybe cared for them. Which may be why he's saying "Save them". Also, when you would beat the third or fourth night, Bonnie, Chica, and the puppet would begin to look at Freddy, maybe wanting to hurt him because they knew he wanted to help and care for the children? I'm not 100% sure that that could possible, but just another one of the 500 or so theories made by others. (:

  13. I found this too then looked it up and found this video.

  14. May they're evil and want to kill you because they're still searching the murderer of the 5 kids.

  15. Omg omg omg Omfg !!! I just get it why Freddy do that sounds in the minigames !

    Every sound is a letter I heard what he sayed : s,a,v,e,t,h,e,m (and few letters that I don't understand).

    He sayed : save them .


  16. In one of the mini games, a theory was that you play as the puppet and you bring back dead kids. But somehow (not so sure) they are the animatronics. My guess is that the puppet started everything of Five nights at Freddy's.

  17. OMG

    Another minima said You can't

    this one says save them. and its after the last minigame from order

    You can't save them


  19. Its Like freddys On drugs and making "urgh ogre ouerg" sounds

  20. Am i the only one who noticed eyes in balloon boy's mouth?

  21. Someones saying S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M to save a children from foxy the bite of 87 i think.

  22. Well, now I'm confused. 

    But… maybe Freddy's is really is an Indian Burial Ground of some sort. A bunch of anamatronic homicidal murderers out for night guard blood desperately seeking someone to free the murdered children from their fate? ….. I'm sure in the future we'll find out… 


  24. It was actually the purple guy who killed the children. Because I've played FNAF 3 and if you take a closer look in the opened spaces of the new animatronic, you can see purple, hence the name "the purple guy". At the end, of nightmare mode, which is seen when your finished with the 5th night, is has another death minigame. It shows a crying child going the direction where you would follow the purple guy, and you see 4 other children there. Then u see the purple guy trying to get out of the room but is now cornered by the 5 children, and he eventually goes in the yellow animatronic, aka Springtrap, the suit malfunctions and kills the purple guy inside the suit. The children are the children's spirits when they were murdered by the purple guy in the suit, because it is said that sometime during the closing time of Freddy Fazbear's pizzaria he lured the children in a backroom and killed them. Then, he stuffed them into the animatronics. You can tell that they were stuffed into them because the people who came to the pizzaria had made comments of bad odor, blood, and mucus coming from the animatronics.

  25. I am confused. something similar happened to me on my game.I was playing on my phone (galaxy S3) and I opened my Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Demo and that came on but you weren't chasing anything! it was so weird! does anyone know what it might be?

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