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Epic Mini Games Battle! | Boy Average

Boy Average
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In this video my brother and I go head to head in an epic mini games battle! Stay to the end to see who wins!

Thank you guys so much for all the support over the last year and a half, over the last few months I haven’t been gaining a lot of subscribers or views which is really disappointing but I am not going to give up! Stay tuned for awesome content!

(Hint) A level 1-100 with 100 levels of trickshots coming in a few months!

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Also something new that I will be doing is shouting out a smaller channel or a channel that I really like every new full length video.

So shoutout to @sportscentral6232! This videos shoutout is Sports Central, they make a ton of awesome videos, from trickshots, to basketball, to all sorts of epic challenges! Make sure to check them out and sub!


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