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Epic Minigames- 3 New MINIGAMES!!!

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Hello guys today I will be playing three of these new minigames of this update today!
I find it really fun and enjoyable.
Anyways enjoy this video.
I might be posting new maps for tomorrow because it’s hectic and its a lot I want to cover.
Also I’ll be posting this coming epic pass for season 2 tomorrow, so stay tune.

Game link:

0:00 – Starting
0:05 – Backforth Dash
1:51 – Bomberbox
3:15 – Survive the Spheres


  1. All Minigames Music:Backforth Dash: Waterflame – Supra ZoneSurvive The Spheres (Party) Waterflame – AlleybossBomberblox – Super Bomberman R – Battle

  2. How do people get so good in mobile? I played this on years and never won back forth dash.

  3. 0:02 7/10 The Minigame is Fun , And i win Every Round of this Minigame , But i wish they add more Details1:53 8/10 Decent Minigame , It Reminds me of playing a Familiar Game , Very Nice3:20 9.8/10 One of My Favourite Minigames , This is Straight up The Most Funniest Minigame On The Entire Game , Not to Mention The Reverse Death Sound

  4. 1:46 it look like bomber friend mobile in playstore or appstorebut epic minigame it called bomberblox?

  5. Flood Escape, Flee the Facility, Epic Minigames are the best classic ROBLOX games

  6. This update is the best one yet! Btw how do you get 2000 wins limit on a vip server? Do you need vip?

  7. I like the maps! I love parkour and survive maps so yea

  8. K̝a̝r̝u̝t̝i̝ W̝a̝i̝t̝o̝a̝i̝s̝h̝i̝ says:

    is super cool!

  9. Even tho they dont update it that often but epic minigames will always be my favorite game

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