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Evolution of Best Minigames in Mario Party Games (1998 – 2018)

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Evolution of all the Best Minigames in Mario Party Games starting in 1998 with Mario Party 1 for the Nintendo N64 until 2018 with Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. What is your favorite Minigame?

【All Mario Party Games in this video 】

1. Mario Party (1998)
2. Mario Party 2 (1999)
3. Mario Party 3 (2000)
4. Mario Party 4 (2002)
5. Mario Party 5 (2003)
6. Mario Party 6 (2004)
7. Mario Party 7 (2005)
8. Mario Party 8 (2007)
9. Mario Party DS (2007)
10. Mario Party 9 (2012)
11. Mario Party: Island Tour (2013)
12. Mario Party 10 (2015)
13. Mario Party: Star Rush (2016)
14. Super Mario Party (2018)

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※Credits: Special thanks to World of Longplays () and NPI and arronmunroe () for providing the gameplay footage.※


  1. マリオパーティー4のゲーム、絶対青チーム負けたと思ってたのにすごいな

  2. skyjinks is horrible its so easy and its an autoscroller

  3. What about the Blooper Music game from Star Rush? It was my favorite minigame in that version.

  4. Camera Shy from the DS was my FAVORITE, because I'm a photography geek lol

  5. Yoshi and waluigi made a sickass comeback and revenge in dungeon duos

  6. Wasnt there this party game with other characters instead if Mario characters, I feel like I've seen it before

  7. 11/23 of these were personally my favorites
    11/23 of these I despise
    1/23 of these is only playable at events I cant go to….


  8. Only 1 from MP8?!!? *Tries to hold back feelings of rage dissapointment*

  9. the fact that leaf leap isnt on this list is a tragedy

  10. Youtubers running out of ideas for "evolution of…" vids

  11. I'm sad there's no Honeycomb Havoc. 🙁

  12. Left you left the Mario Party the top 100 you idiot

  13. Im not a 90's kid but these minigames look so fun

  14. MP2 has many good minigames, but you chose the same ones from MP

  15. My favs (choosing 2 from each title):
    Mario Party: Mushroom Mix-Up, Coin Block Bash
    Mario Party 2: Platform Peril, Look Away
    Mario Party 3: Locked Out, Tick Tock Hop
    Mario Party 4: Paths Of Peril, Dungeon Duos
    Mario Party 5: Bill Blasters, Quilt For Speed
    Mario Party 6: Lift Leapers, Granite Getaway
    Mario Party Advance: Koopa Kurl, Peek-N-Sneak
    Mario Party 7: Fun Run, Hammer Spammer
    Mario Party 8: King Of The Thrill, Specter Inspector
    Mario Party DS: Camera Shy, Boo Tag
    Mario Party 9: Manor Of Escape, Magma Mayhem
    Mario Party Island Tour: never played
    Mario Party 10: never played
    Mario Party Star Rush: never played
    Super Mario Party: never played

  16. What about “Pogo a Go-go” from Mario Party 7?

  17. 6:07 Wario and Luigi: Aww, I lose!
    Me: Wao, You lose!

    Haha Joke

  18. I disagree with this video. The vacuum minigame in Super Mario Party is one of the worst. Why? The team of 3 can be completely and unfairly SABOTAGED by a single person! I stopped my sister from getting the coins to get a star and potentially have enough to beat me in a tie, and I believe I won the game cause of that. That's how bad that game is. A good game is one where it is next to impossible for a single person to sabotage the entire team. Take the block castle minigame, where you multiply score. How was that not here?

    I can see why the minigame where the players try to physics blocks off a platform with a cannon isn't here. That game sucks for the team of three, especially against someone like me, someone who is deadly skilled with physics. I can clear that minigame with 3-4 shots. That sounds fair, right?

  19. Pushy Penguins and Coney Island are one of my favorites on Mario Party 5 😊

  20. Mowtown was my favorite mini game on Mario Party 6

  21. Fun Run was one of my top 10 favorite mini games on Mario Party 7

  22. Where's platform peril, handcar havoc, cyber scamper and bombs away

  23. You missed in MP7 most of the 8-player minigames! They were amazing!

  24. Some of my favorite mini games in the series:
    1. Camera Shy from Mario Party DS
    2. Paint Misbehavin’ from Mario Party 8
    3. Logger Heads from Mario Party 9
    4. Hedge Honcho from Mario Party DS
    5. At The Chomp Wash from Mario Party 8
    6. Toad and Go Seek from Mario Party 9

  25. Don’t forget the dolphin one from Mario party 9

  26. And sugar rush from Mario party 8

  27. The spiny running mini game reminds me of that scene from Kirby right back at ya

  28. I love Random Ride from Mario Party 5!

  29. My favorite mini game from each game (I have)
    Mario party 2…toad in the box
    Mario party 8…that paintball one
    Mario party 9…the one at 13:13
    Mario party 10…none of them

  30. My personal favorite Mario Party mini game? Player Conveyor from Mario Party 9!

  31. There is some things wrong with this video.
    1: where is shake it up
    2: where is sizzling steaks
    3: where is track and yield

  32. My favorite Mario Party minigame is Stamp Out! from Mario Party 4.

  33. Whoa! "Fun Run", "MowTown", and, "Eatsa Pizza"?! I like this list!

  34. In Mario Party also bumber balls, (it's just ashame that in the original one lemmy isn't a playable character)

  35. “Best minigames”
    (Doesn’t include Toadstool Titan)

  36. Why does 7 only have 1 minigame? What about Track and Yield? Ghost in the Hall? Picture this? Pokey Pummle? Bomb bomb plauge? Balloon busters? I could go on

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