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Extreme Mini Game Box “Plug and Play” Famicom HDMI Dongle

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Back with the new Famicom / NES Plug and Play HDMI Dongle from Ali-Express. With more features and new options. Yes.. we can add games !! 👹

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  1. I can't seem to play any games. All games have an intro but once i hit any button it goes back to the main screen

  2. Is there a way to turn it off without removing it each time?

  3. I got the same thing, but for some reason when I start the game. The moment it loads into the game and I touch any button on the controller it just sends me back out. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  4. Any idea what I do if my games are all in chinese?

  5. Mine was working fine at first. I was finally on the 8th and final world in Super Mario Bros 3 when all of the sudden my save file was somehow corrupted. I decided to start over and now the start+select will no longer save or load, it just freezes the game. I checked other games and it still works like normal, it is only this game that freezes when I try going to the load/save menu…

    Anyone have an idea on how this might be fixed if at all possible?

  6. yes, but how do you save a game on there? They have Zelda, which absolutely needs a save at some point. We have to sleep, dangit!

  7. Ordered mine today from amazon. Hope I made a good choice.

  8. Videos like this really piss me off. You plugged the device in and the shit CLEARLY didn’t work or power on for you at 2:35. Then you say you might need an external power adapter. Instead of proving that it just skips to the next step and it’s medically working? Scam.. bullshit

  9. Both of our controllers are only player 1 and neither will work for player 2. Any ideas?

  10. well I can't get why I don't have audio on my TV , otherwise seams fine

  11. Can we add more games on our own… If yes.. Please tell how

  12. I dont have tv i got hp computer. So how do i fit in that can u pls tell?😭

  13. hey, how much does it cost?
    Does it have a save button?
    How were the remote controllers?
    Where can i buy it

    Thanks xxxxxxxx

  14. where to get SD card for this? It was missing when i bought it

  15. I'll keep this thing but I'm a bit disappointed as it was advertised at the mall as an official nes mini

  16. I own this. Its great! Don't hesitate. The only disappointment is no Zelda and no Metroid for some reason.

  17. So I'm guessing I won't be able to plug this thing into an older tv?

  18. Здравствуйте у меня не работает консоль хотела через ноутбук посмотреть игры сейчас только грузит игр не видно будто их нет

  19. I plugged it in but no menu or anything comes up. Help please! Is there something else to do?

  20. I bought one for a Christmas present, it has low latency from what I see

  21. I cannot get F-22 off of my initial start up screen. How do I get to the main menu of games?

  22. Hi, I need help: After I chose the first game and played for a while how do I return to the main page with the games list? I'm stuck on the same game all the time (Nintendo) with no way out 🙁 Thanks

  23. Can't get it to work, it lights up but says no signal!

  24. I was hoping you could tell us how to add games

  25. Why doesn't mine actually start when i press "start"? It just takes me out of the game!! 😩😩 no matter which button i press it takes me out to the menu and doesn't play any of the games.

  26. Does it have mike tyson punch out or yoshimario games ?

  27. How to use both players ?
    Now only player 1 can play the game.
    Help me out

  28. I just picked up one of these for eight bucks at my local Bin store. I guess me and my son are gonna play some retro games. Not that we don't have a PC on every room of the house but oh well

  29. My player 1 controller is glitching and won't work anymore.. is there a way to change it out to the player 2 controller or get a new one? Or do I need to buy a whole new stick?

  30. I bought & hooked up this equipment.(W-01) The screen appears stuck on "INITALIZE…." and suggestions?

  31. Just bought a similar device. But Both my controllers are only working as player 1. Anyone know how I can fix it

  32. Hi! Is there Lode Runner in the list of games? Thanks!

  33. It doesnt make any sound. What shall i do?

  34. Did you ever manage to add games? Where would you get the roms?

  35. With mine the controllers do not pair. Mierde.

  36. What is the name of the first game you are playing with the guy shooting the zombies?

  37. RC Pro Am! I actually had to rent this back in the day. 😢//can’t wait

  38. How you turn off the system or it shuts off by itself. I see no on or off button?

  39. mrbrestbestgoodmoneyvideosrealmrbestnicemanbozoxxx says:

    What TVs are you using

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