Failing Mini Games Reveals a Secret Story || Shipwrecked 64 #3 (Playthrough) -

Failing Mini Games Reveals a Secret Story || Shipwrecked 64 #3 (Playthrough)

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We continue our playthrough of Shipwrecked 64 and as we venture into the 1997 original version of the game things get MUCH scarier. There are tons of dark secrets to uncover and the true ARG nature of the game makes itself known. This is part 3 of Shipwrecked 64 the full release.

Check out the game here:

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  1. i feel like the thing that makes this game so scary is the fact that its hard if not impossible to know what to expect from every secret. there are so many secrets hidden in every nook and cranny that are all so weird and creepy that even if you do set expectations, it likely wont help to prepare you for possible murder footage with a jumpscare in the middle or a cutscene with weird statues. and thats why i love this game 🙂

    (quick question, am i the only one who noticed that Giovanni goose has red pupils, even when he's not being evil? just wanna make sure I havent gone crazy yet)

  2. That “song” that happened when you went near the door trying to get to the wolf that said “duck and cover” It’s a song that they would teach kids during the Cold War so if there was a nuke, bomb, or any other type of threat similar, they would duck under the desks and cover their heads. Maybe this can infer something about an unknown threat or something similar?

  3. bro is like "man i gotta find a secret ending *beats woman*"

  4. Thanks for the captions, that was really hard to understand!

  5. Do you think Stumbler's arms are ripped off from Rex trying to get some sort of pay back against the people he signed the contract for, since apparently Blot was also a rabbit. So maybe Rex made Stumbler and made him armless to throw shade Blot's way?

  6. Can you react a trailer of a horror game called Zoonormaly

  7. is it just me or does this 43:00 story sound like Walt Disney somewhat. a cartoon character and a live-action person sounds like the Alice comedies. losing the rights to a character he made sounds like losing Oswald. a replacement sounds like Mickey Mouse. no confirmation just theory talk. you're the real analyst Mike. quick addition it mentioned theme parks and merry-go-rounds. this is most likely referencing Walt Disney. okay 45:35 is proof, this is definitely refenceing Walt Disney. just looking at the image is proof.

  8. 13:39 that song was played a ton between wwi and wwii to warn Americans about the threat of nuclear bombs on America, it was especially used in children's cartoons

  9. Sooo Rex is Walt , blot is Oswald, and Bucky is Mickey

  10. I wanna say a few things
    1. Back in the original shipwreck once you failed a mini game the respective character of the minigame would appear into the next game with no eyes so maybe that the same here?
    2. The beeping sounds a lot like a heart monitor so maybe that has something to do with stumbler maybe he not quite dead yet

  11. I almost choked on air when he said "I've been recording for 7 hours"💀

  12. The second i heard beeping, my mind went to like the thinks what they have in the hospitals, you know… the ones what measures you pulse.

  13. This game is nothing like the other mascot games out there just copying eachother. Like this game is so unique i love it.

  14. The beeping sounds more like a heartbeat monitor to me.

  15. I just love how clueless you are sometimes this gives you channel so much charm

  16. Pleaseeee continue to uncover this game! Especially if the devs are helping folks along with the ARG, via direct help and via the email addresses

  17. Dont know if Mike is going to come back and see this or if anyone has told him already but might help when he does the next section: The "Beaver scratch" writing/cipher to me (might be wrong) looks like its 1 letter across. Like "Beaver" in scratch is "CFBWFS", each letter is just replaced by the one that follows in the alphabet.

  18. Hi SHB! I just found new "horror " animation called "Angel Hare" it is super nice and really well done but it is underrated. I think you would like it and it would be nice if you could do analysis!😊

  19. Maybe the video is the morse code, anyone wanna decode it?

  20. We’ve gone from subtle references to rareware and conkers bad fur day to overt references and callbacks to Mickey Mouse and Walt. Huh. Interesting.

  21. Is it just me or did bucky's backstory feel like a mirror of mickey mouse's origins

  22. I think the voice at 25:15 is spelling out a youtube link or something. I couldn't keep track but I think it was something like "9rlrbccc9r" (probably missing a lot of the code)

  23. Bucky smash! Someone’s head against nails😰

  24. I think the guy said Bucky The Beaver then again i could be wrong…

  25. Anyone else think that this "Rex" guy sounds a lot like Max Fleischer?

  26. That music you hear in the menu demo map is actually the layer 3 monster sounds, thats actually terrifying 😰😰😰

  27. Can I just say I love Mike's "OOoooohhoo" ever time he walks into a new room 😅

  28. We really need to get Nick Nocturne on this ARG.

  29. Quick theory: In the dialog at 41:13, the voice talks about how the premise of the theme park was island themed, so it required guests to visit the island for entry. If this WAS the premise of the island and the wolves could possibly represent the guests who visited, it would make sense on why the chief had said to Bucky that he and his friends were scaring everyone else even though they could be considered as predators to Bucky and his crew. Additionally, the secret of the 2023 version of the game is unlocking a cruise ship to save everyone on the island. I’m going to assume that saving everyone won’t be an option in the older version nor was it when the island park existed in real time, either because of the real threat of a suddenly active volcano or a metaphorical eruption, with everything that seems to be dormant becomes a living nightmare…

  30. The dining room is cooking up a masterpiece with that music

  31. So I’ve seen a few people point out that Stumbler may have been made after Blot was sold, as either a replacement or a dig at the company that bought him (especially because blot was meant to be very vast and stumbler is named… well) but I think stumbler is also meant to be a sort of representation of Rex himself. Rex dying under mysterious or untold circumstances, the fact that the blot animations were made having blot turn into or replace Rex in the scenes (a human turning into a cartoon character… 👀👀) Stumbler having a clear love of art, Stumbler missing arms he claimed to have lost in a wolf attack, and saying he used to live in the wolf village?

    Either the stumbler was created after he died in an intentional homage/reference, or Rex made the character himself as a form of self insert or some kind of replacement for the bunny he lost, I think somethings going on there, (and don’t forget the guide to layer three Mike found last video, that was made by stumbler and wulf. Showing some kind of knowledge that other characters don’t have)

    I’m not going as far to say that Rex was turned into a starling after death, or that his soul is trapped in the game somehow, or that he has any direct connection to Stumbler. But I do think the characters are meant to be connected or associated In some way, and I do think both stumbler and wulf are very suspicious, especially as they aren’t apart of the ‘main cast’ and stumbler doesn’t seem to actually have any affect on the story, and seemingly no reason to exist in the game.

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