Fastest Brawler Race (Mini Game) 🍊 -

Fastest Brawler Race (Mini Game) 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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The FASTEST Brawlers in the game are put to the test (race course) from slowest to fastest with these mini games on the race track

Map Maker:
​Cheater: @spicytoast

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  1. What am I doing wrong
    Proceeds to go on the slow tile😂 and walk into wall over and over gain

  2. Try to Play a deck in Clash royale ONLY with legendaries

  3. Hey your ch name should be cheese gaming cuz in every game you say about cheese lol
    And you ch logo will be 🧀 and you name code cj lol XD i hope you like this cheezy idea

  4. Great Commentary of the rase oj love it voice actor

  5. The race we need: Battle of the slows 8bit versus Bruce

  6. OJ is the best youtube ever but i do a map for OJ but that map didnt win i alwayremember to put code ojin clash of clanand brawl star and clash royale i every day will put

  7. OJ was pretty sweaty, figuratively and literally

  8. Wait, the secret clash royale challenges??

  9. Hey Oj, I want to sell my BS account. It is currently at 30k trophies. And with 46 brawlers all max lvl. Also lot of skins which include 3 sliver skins too. Reply me if anyone interested. Also let me know how much u an pay for it.

  10. OJ: a mile away from the others but one is behind. OJ be like: at least I didn't get last

  11. What would make more sense is if oj posted his stream highlights on his main instead of the highlights of the highlights (funny maps)

  12. Imagine how fast they would be if they got Stage two Surge..

  13. The first game OJ was’t last he was 9th because someone used gale..

  14. 6:47 I love how it says "Still in the top 10" even though there were only 10 people

  15. Half the videos is oj sipping for spicy toasts thumbs

  16. I laugh when he said the second map 😂😂😂😂

  17. I’m surprised that no one used Sandy’s new gadget to put everyone to sleep just for fun.

  18. Give me angry seeing OJ getting stuck EVERY single time

  19. Please get better this is painful to watch

  20. Bro no wonder oj kept messing up, he doesn’t lock his joysticks

  21. tokyo revengers now that's what u call a real man

  22. you know, why not use Bibi with her home run star power?

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