Finally! We Have A Powerful Ryzen 9 6900HX Mini PC! Hands On With The All New GTR6 -

Finally! We Have A Powerful Ryzen 9 6900HX Mini PC! Hands On With The All New GTR6

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Ryzen 6000 mini PCs are here and it starts with the All New Beelink GTR6! Powered by the AMD RYZEN 9 6900HX with 8 Core Upto 4.9GHz and Backed by a Radeon 680M RDNA2 iGPU up to 2400MHz. This is a game changer when it comes to these Ryzen-powered tiny gaming PCs and the GT6R can defiantly game! We do an unboxing, Run some benchmarks Test out some PC games like Moden Warfare 2, God of war, Spiderman remasted, and more, plus this Mini PC handled emulation like a champ from Yuzu for Switch emulation, RPCS4 for PS3, and even Xbox 360 emulation!

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00:00 Introduction
00:16 Unboxing
01:04 Video Sponsor Ad Spot
02:13 Overview
03:43 Teardown Internals
04:34 Beelink GTR6 Specs
05:56 Overall Performance
06:37 4k VIdoe Playback Test Beelink GTR6 6900HX
07:17 SPiderman Remastered Beelink GTR6 6900HX
07:55 World Of Warcraft Beelink GTR6 6900HX
08:27 Beelink GTR6 6900HX Benchmarks
09:46 Doom Eternal Beelink GTR6 6900HX
10:16 Witcher 3 Beelink GTR6 6900HX
10:47 God Of War Beelink GTR6 6900HX
11:06 Moden warefare 2 Beelink GTR6 6900HX
11:45 Xbox 360 EMulation Beelink GTR6 6900HX
12:19 PS3 Emulation Beelink GTR6 6900HX
12:35 Switch EMulation Beelink GTR6 6900HX
12:57 Power consumption and CPU Temps Beelink GTR6 6900HX

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  1. Does this support over 60hz like 165hz for example

  2. Hello nice video which is you recommend for the highest possible gaming possible steam OS or Windows 11? What is the highest add-on GPU can you add to this without no bottlenecks?

  3. Has anyone bought Windows 11 pro from the links in the description? I checked online reviews and they are sketchy for vipurcdkey.

  4. nothing more demanding than star citizen that would be a cool to see in action

  5. Now we need a foldable monitor/powerful mini projector. A mini pc is good for traveling, but not by itself.

  6. 14:05 More powerful 6000 mini PCs? Is HX the post powerful? So what can be more powerful that his 6900HX mini PC for the Ryzen 6000 series? Also why is RAM limited to only 32GB at Beelink? With the iGPU taking away a huge chunk of it for the iGPU, not much is left for the actual game and OS. Rather tempted to get this to replace my Ryzen 3700u, and in fact would have bought it from the linked website if RAM was 64GB.

    Can you show the performance of Rainbow Six Siege running on this mini PC?

  7. fingerprint sensor should be a standard on this type of small form factor PC , but why beelink still have that "CLR CMOS" in front its a design flawed you can accidentally press that button 🙁

  8. How does mini pcs compare to desktop pcs? In terms of power I see mini pcs are great. But what are some differences? I'm seriously considering buying one and thought I could ask here._.

  9. i have a Impartant question does it get hot like Lava or the Surface of the Sun ?

  10. I almost cant wait out anymore my laptop gone up in flames, so I dont have any computer right now, but I am waiting for the new rna3 graphics. I think that would be a big step ahead including the usb4 and new memory.

  11. I just bought one of these . I will use it for older school gaming and not booting from windows . What setting to you recommend in the bios for wattage and fan ? I want the best performance and best look . I want the fan fairly quiet , but doing it jobs keeping things cool . I want the system to last a while . Lol . Thanks

  12. Did you find a way to adjust the fan curves? I have one of these and was annoyed that at idle/low usage the fans would still be spinning and at 30db+. Temps were only 30c so no reason to have them that ramped up or on at all. I saw no way to control fans with Bios, and the Fan Control software on github can't find any of the fans with the AZW motherboard. Additionally if no display is attached (running as a NAS), the fan constantly spins up and down despite idle temps being around 30c. The machine is incredible for its size and so snappy but I need to get these fans fixed.

  13. Hi, can you test Fortnite on performance mode?please?

  14. Can you make that intro extended for sleeping dam I love it

  15. Does the AMD Radeon 680M have its own dedicated gpu memory? cuz I see it in this video in task manager and it says 8.0 GB. So is this a integrated GPU inside? idk a lot about computers that's why I ask.

  16. hi… can i connect 12 HD monitor with this pc..? please replay me..!

  17. What about Abode Premier Pro and After Effects?

  18. waiting for mobile 12core 7000 series chip with RDNA 3 graphics. Bring it to me Beelink.

  19. Wish AMD would've named the 2400MHz Ryzen 9 Radeon 680M as 685M or such, and the R7 2200MHz version be the 680M.

  20. Be careful if Buying from Beelink direct, their customer service is poor and misleading, I asked about their discount for Black Friday (on a mini pc) and was told I would only get $10 off so decided to purchase based on this as it wasn't worth waiting, on checking their website on Black Friday weekend they had reduced the unit by £50! They've promised to resolve but I've still not had a resolution. Buyer beware.

  21. Totally overrated. A CPU with 8 cores is a thing of the past, when one sees Ampere processors with 128 cores. Only 16 TIMES less cores… The only impressive thing about this mini PC is the fact that it's got 4 8K HDMI ports, but everyone knows they would never work with 4 8K monitors and 8K displays are extremely expensive. The author tested with a 4K display, which is quite disappointing. In other words, this PC doesn't make any sense. On one side it's far into the future with 8K HDMI ports and far into the past with only 8 cores. Even my phone has 8 cores and it's even an old Samsung model. Sincerely, I would like to see mini PCs with at least 32 cores at a reasonable price, but instead what we have are products like this, trying to push us with old technology with a beautiful make-up. Just pitiful.

  22. Hello good afternoon. Is it possible to install an external graphics card?

  23. ugly design though. What's with the red velvet on top and big "GTX" letters on the side?

  24. Man, good price point. This gets you a lot of CPU, and serviceable graphics which can be tacked on later down the road if you really want a dedicated graphics card and external enclosure.

  25. Hello.
    Please check dota2, lol, albion fps.
    Please chech bios have options disable turbo boost cpu?

  26. Does UM690 motherboard support ECC (I mean full ECC, not only the "on-die ECC")?

  27. If you would want to try the option to add a EGPU on this for 3D Modeling. How would you go about it?

  28. Do it have any mini PC with ryzen 9 7950x or intel 13900k ?

  29. I know it's late, but can you tell me how Astroneer runs on the 6900HX? That's the only thing stopping me from switching to one from the travel machine I have now.

  30. Do you know it MSFS 2020 will run on it ? Will appreciate your feedback ☺️

  31. can Graphics card be hooked up to it would it hurt the computer

  32. How about with virtual machines?

  33. Waiting for Minisforum to release the HX99G
    Should come with the same CPU and the dedicated GPU.

  34. So technically you could run an EGPU with this right?

  35. Hi EtaPrime! Can you please help us connect an pci-e lte card 4g 5g to these mini PCs?
    I look to use them as cellular device on the go to plug in car socket and 12v lifepo4 batteries.
    I am done with this.
    I just need your help for the right pcie to m.2 module.

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