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*FIRST LOOK* Mini Games Added to LEGO Fortnite (Major Update)

Crafty Plays LEGO Fortnite
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Today I’m going to show you guys new mini games that have been added to LEGO Fortnite!

– Obby Fun
– Raft Survival

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  1. I cannot find the mini games. All I see is Lego Fortnite.

  2. What a surprise drop update! Great video Crafty thanks!❤🎉

  3. In the pirate ship there is a steering wheel, i really hope they add that in the next update 🤞🤞🤞

  4. CONGRATS ON THE CREATOR CODE!!! I hadn’t noticed you plugging that before.

  5. i also think that this is a HINT for what we will get in legofortnite and that ship steering wheel shines like a gold in my eyes hahahaha

  6. Maybe they will add a battle royale at some point

  7. I can already see them doin lego bed wars or protect the fort

  8. Such a cool new add on thanks for letting me know!

  9. Really cool seeing new pieces that could be introduced into sandbox/survival!

  10. Not for me at this moment. But I want to see more lego fortnite. Lego should give us boats in the fortnite game. Also air ships. You know for people like me that are having trouble making one that won't glitch me off my own build

  11. Didn't even know about these, thanks for the tip! Your vids have been so useful and I only found you a few days ago!

  12. cool .. a something new for me to play as today is my birthday

  13. I don't think I would play the mini games personally. They need the steering wheel but have to fix the glitching and the biuld limit when flying or covering large amounts of the map.

  14. Hoping for a dj station in survival and can play our music

  15. player count is starting to increase as I noticed recently..

  16. That food cart had already been leaked before, so I can see all of those pieces coming to the game very soon. Probably behind a paywall, though.

  17. Hello Crafty, what is this all of a sudden Lego Fortnite and Fall Guys?😀😎 Cool update

  18. I hope they make a creative mode for Lego

  19. Day 25 of asking Crafty to gift multiple-stair4 a gift from the item shop

  20. I'm all in for these mini games but let's talk about ALL those pieces they've added for the mini games 👀. The garden pieces?! The PIRATE SHIP? The sharks?! They look amazing!

  21. I really hope they are allowed to use the licenses they have for sets in the game. Imagine how cool this game would be if they have maps with Harry Potter section, lord of the rings area, and then hop in a spaceship and fly up to a Star Wars space station. It could become almost like the Lego movie by connecting all those universes into one game. Would be fantastic

  22. Oh wow its definitely a mini game sneak peak surely! Its like a simulation for water interactions, the rafts say it all ! Your right tho they are so getting started, keeping a close eye on the game slowly building a few villages i drew up on a paper but not burning it out for now ❤

  23. A Lego Battle Royale would be Epic 🎉

  24. Tons of game breaking bugs and a high chance that we will get a greedy monetization for upcoming build sets soon is killing Lego Fortnite for many people right now.

  25. You can die more times in solo than with more people

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