Forza Horizon 4 Online : Freeze Tag!! (FH4 Mini Game) -

Forza Horizon 4 Online : Freeze Tag!! (FH4 Mini Game)

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Forza Horizon 4 Online Mini Games are back with FH4 Freeze Tag! We’re using our favourite A Class and S1 Class cars for this FH4 Game! If you enjoyed this video subscribe for more Forza Horizon 4 Gameplay, Customization, Let’s Play and more!

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  1. Nobody:

    Nick: You slithery South Korean, come back here.

  2. Nick: U slithery South Korean
    South Koreans: …… what?

  3. That's the shittiest sounding mustang ever

  4. I oughta try this game more with my friends!

  5. It's called stuck in the mud not freeze tag 😂 I've never heard it called freeze tag. Everyone I know calls it stuck in the mud

  6. Nick: Wide-body mustang can't miss a thing….

    Peel p50: am I a joke to you?

  7. Nick: "Oh, they're not here."
    Cue Cadillac

  8. 6:27
    “It’s such a fun game mode it’s not even funny”
    Whoever said it was funny??

  9. The game is called stuck in the mud that’s what us brits call it

  10. ”It’s a so funny gamemode it’s not even funny ” Nick

  11. I love your game modes please do more and do hide and seek

  12. When the peel juked him i lost it XDDDD

  13. When the wifi went out it looked like Nick froze everyone

  14. Nick: I’m will banned people getting up to the roof because it’s too hard for me

    Also Nick: goes up to the roof and missed a landing

  15. Play the survival game mode except when you’re tagged, you stand still,

  16. How did he keep the boundary on the mini map? I need to know

  17. Day 4 of me asking Nick to do Peel P50 mini-golf in Forza.

  18. Did must have been compensating with the merc 6×6

  19. In my country freeze tag is called frozen cat

  20. In my country it's called frozen queen but still it's the same

  21. choosing an electric car would've been the best option for htis

  22. In England that’s called stuck in the mud and it’s better than it/tag.

  23. Good and awesome video like all time ar12gaming

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