Forza Horizon 5 - Redlight Greenlight! (Mini Game) -

Forza Horizon 5 – Redlight Greenlight! (Mini Game)

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  1. GGs! Great challenge today! Although I didn't know who won or lost?

    0:39 Jack is half south Korean? That explains why he looks almost Asian!

  2. If anyone sees this copy it and comment it on the next video you watch.

  3. they need to add what the bmws have 2wd and 4wd it would be fire

  4. OMG I made it in a vid I was the r32 drifting around by the gamertag of GotFanz at 2:18

  5. Someone's dream just got came true cuz someone in an infection video says squid game alot

  6. Jack sing the red light and green light song exactly from the show

  7. Throwback from Forza horizon 3, first time played on Forza horizon 5 of this game!
    Next time tomorrow, it must be Tug of war!

  8. I miss this type of content me and my buddies doing it on Car Parking Multiplayer is just a fun roleplay, but now we slowly falling apart.

  9. Yo Jack I'm getting VIP tickets for the porche grand prix pit seats and VIP seats you comeing to Scotland for it?

  10. Great video Jack always enjoy your forza content thank you for uploading these types of mini games

  11. Hey Jack, try another gumball rally. Maybe do it across all the horizon games and call it. The World Rally or something

  12. Guys like this up so Jack will see thst there's Squid game custom maps in the game

  13. Good and awesome video like all time jackultragamer

  14. Do more mini games like these, It’s entertaining!

  15. hear me out..Forza Horizon 5 hide and seek

  16. Wait was Pete forza the Pete in gta with his monkey mask?

  17. im 14 now, its crazy to think that I watched you when I was about 8. I know this is kind of a copy of stephanies comment, but I was planning to say this before that, still love your videos jack, hope you have a nice day

  18. Hey jack, theres a stance map that if you do a burnout it lowers your car for than normal and it slams it

  19. i think you guys should do the craigslist challenge back from forza 4

  20. Just ruin your engines when you down shift this quick in real life…

  21. I know I was the one that suggested Soccer Mom challenge a few years ago, but how about bringing it back in Horizon 5

  22. his squid game livery is gas whats the download code

  23. Jack: Accurately mutters Squid Game song thing

    Also Jack: "Bro, I'm kinda…i'm kinda half South Korean, you know?"

    Somebody two seconds later: "Bro I thought you were Mexican."

    I'm still dying, lmao.🤣

  24. The real title of this vid should have been Squid Game Recreation!

  25. Next game of Man Hunt Jack should buy a low class car, and than fully upgrade it to whatever class it can go up to. the Hunters should be class 2 cars, and than Jack should get a 25 second head start also if any of the hunters hit a vehicle or a tree they have to take a 5 second stop.

  26. I miss these mini games been watching you since 5th grade… I’m almost a junior now

  27. Such a good vid after the golden times of infection from his old channel😉😉😉😉

  28. Hey Jack just letting you know you should probably blacklist the term “claim your prize” cuz bots are replying to people asking them to click a link

  29. Jack should get this wrap on his real truck and not the in game one

  30. Damn, nasty had beef with the horse. If you get the reference, noice

  31. Definitely a game where you only speak Korean! 🤣

  32. That's the first time I've ever seen someone use the mazda 323 Turbo, not once have I seen someone use it in any of my online sessions, except for me

  33. Everything's fun and games til we found out he actually was in a squad games

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