Fun R6 Mini Games You NEED to be Playing - Rainbow six siege -

Fun R6 Mini Games You NEED to be Playing – Rainbow six siege

Astralis R6
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Load up a custom game and try these. Embark on a digital adventure at the amazing digital circus main character, where the convergence of art and technology takes center stage. Immerse yourself in a world of interactive wonders, adorable characters, and cutting-edge displays that redefine the meaning of entertainment.

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  1. Sledge chasing you all in 0 brightness is better than

  2. How can you fail this badly at using the English language

  3. We call that sledge Myers try and hide from sledge everyone is a 2 speed

  4. Hide and seek 0 brightness is so fun with friends

  5. Damn that looks even more boring then ranked 🤣

  6. Play sledge myers where everyone has low brightness, it is a genuine blast and makes survival harder, scarier, but more fun

  7. And to cheat the system play cav cause her ability gives a bit of night vision

  8. Just imagine if someone plays Thatcher and wipes out the lights, that would actually be terrifying combined with a Glaz

  9. Fun things to do : go out in real life and uninstall that shit game

  10. I’m going to do this brightness 0 then inverted colours 😂good bad idea

  11. Can you shoot sledge in sledge Myers or just run from him?

  12. Bro this sent me back…Michael Myers during Chimera was crazy

  13. Bro id just sneak around the map and not shoot 💀

  14. Using cav is cheating tho cus it doesn’t change to 0 brightness when you use her ability

  15. I’ve done this before but we had our volume at zero as well. So it was dark asf and there was no sound. So it was TERRIFYING

  16. Fun thing is everyone plays on inverted controller aim.

  17. First problem: You are assuming I have friends.

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