Funny Counter Strike Moments Source mini games (Shark Attack) -

Funny Counter Strike Moments Source mini games (Shark Attack)

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Funny Counter Strike Moments mini games (Shark Attack)! in this funny moments montage in source i make a montage of the funniest moments in this minigame of shark attack! Lot’s of fails, trolling, and more! We’re at it again but we’ll be going to Garry’s mod soon XD. Navigate the extraordinary exploits of titan cameraman. From the first appearance of the superhero to the latest battles against formidable foes. Explore the evolving narrative and become a true connoisseur of all things Titan Cameraman!

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  1. Fire in the hole. Fire in the hole. Fire in the hole. Fire in the hole. Fire in the hole. Ire n te ol

  2. DooM you played on a Dutch server 😀 long live DooM!! Lang leve DooM!!

  3. doom do u ever thought of playing trouble in terroristtown? my favortite gamemode in garrys mod 😀

  4. I think this map would be cooler if the water steadily rose

  5. Hey doom, is the outro music an actual song or did you make it yourself, i would like to make it my ringtone because its very catchy 🙂

  6. Nl nederland dutch maps all over the world and youtube

  7. That was freakin' HILARIOUS!!! One of the funniest videos I've seen from CS lol

  8. Lol i didnt know you guys played on a dutch server

  9. doom u derp…thats a dutch server… if you want to learn dutch.. just ask me.

  10. this game type really wasn't that fun & was boring

  11. To any people not from America, this accurately sums up how us Americans fish recreationally.

  12. Remember playing this 3 years ago before school.

  13. 10 years on and this game is still the best FPS to date.

  14. Your laughter is really contagious 😀

  15. The shark is an Ichthyosaur from Half Life 

  16. Fire in th- Fire in the h- FIRE IN THE HOLE

  17. the best funny is death in self 😂😂😂😂😃😁

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