Ghost in the Graveyard Minigame | Gorilla Tag -

Ghost in the Graveyard Minigame | Gorilla Tag

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This was fun to make and edit
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In my discord I do mini games with fans or I will randomly select you guys, my community it awesome and friendly we welcome you with open arms

#gorillatag #gorillatagvr #gamemode


  1. I would love to play this minigame, but no-one likes it 🙁 They just want to play color rush

  2. can anyone give me some shiny rocks i have 100 shiny rocks

  3. dude one time someone tagged me in the treehouse and accused me for “camping“ when i literally said “ghost in the graveyard“ first. his name was blazevr. he’s a jerk.edit: i was yellow and my user was “gorilla1446 (or 1445)“if you were blaze, i despise you for making a false accusation just to cheat. if your gtag user is blazevr and you didn’t do this, im not talking about you.

  4. im suprised parku wasnt mad when the golden monke tagged him

  5. parku you dont tell them what map you are in so they least expect it

  6. In 2023 now I will be saying the new maps. “basement” “mountains”

  7. Little do they know that the caves update is coming In a year

  8. Was this before mountains, cause if so it makes sense that there’s only 3 maps

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