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Giant Warship Battle | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect
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  1. Why don’t we have more team battle videos? Going back watching these old videos. Need more team battle videos and face offs

  2. ნიკოლოზი გაროზაშვილი says:

    I love panda

  3. OK that’s harsh coby has strep throat and they kept him to a column. They should’ve just let him go home and rest.

  4. 𝕰𝖚𝖊𝖑 𝕻𝖎𝖓𝖟𝖆 says:

    警告: 大人のみが取り扱う

  5. When I first read this I read Giant WORSHIP Battle and clicked it out of curiosity 🤣🤣

  6. 6 years later ant still my favorite video ever.😊😊😊

  7. 6:25 this is just comedy gold from coby. That man had strep throat, said the whole video not a single word, accepted the punishment even though he was ill and still pulled a great one-liner at the end 😂

  8. 1:41 This part still cracks me up. See, this is why I subscribed. These videos get extremely hilarious at times.

  9. This my first ever dude perfect video love it

  10. This was my very first video to watch you now I've watched you for about 4 years now congrats dude YOUR AWSOME 🎉❤

  11. It’s been 6 years and now it’s on my recommendations

  12. i like this video about warships also i play wows, they should make another part of this

  13. Bring the panda back. Comment added in 2023 MAY

  14. youtube randomly recommended this after 6 years 😂😂

  15. 1st dp video I had seen after that seen every video

  16. I’ve been watching them for years and still not bored

  17. Wish I was there. Keep what you are doing.

  18. Has anyone else seen the censor bar on Cody’s ship on the side that his balloons aren’t on. Does anyone know what they’re blocking?

  19. The only place where keeping your head down gets you hit

  20. Bro copied mrBeast because he had the same video, and it came up before this

  21. question what happened to panda and who is he?

  22. at the time of this video panda had more battle wins than coby

  23. I like modren warship and you dude per perfect

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