GMod Party: Mini-Game Shenanigans! (w/ Friends Part 1) -

GMod Party: Mini-Game Shenanigans! (w/ Friends Part 1)

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When live gives you a quest to collect as many stars as possible and destroy your friends…Its best to question your life! Enjoy the Mini Games! Leave a Rating if you want more!

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As we were browsing through the servers to find something new and exciting, we stumbled across a server called Mini Games. To our delight, they were made in the vein of Mario Party Mini Games! Mini Objectives that had to be completed that either ended up in you killing your opponent, or completing a certain task. This time instead of getting useless starts to declare yourself the winner, you got money! Fake Money…which is also useless unless you like buying yourself hats…fake hats.

We bought the fake hats.
Enjoy the shenanigans! 🙂

The Party!

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  1. I think you guys should play with juice more often, he's pretty awesome

  2. Lol Seananners made me really laugh at 7:12 haha

  3. If life gives you aids request medical marijuana!

  4. The game at 02:25 looks like a 3D version of "let's go Jaywalking"

  5. does your name mean the-greed-sin or the-greeds-in ?

  6. Why would you randomly state something like that? What did he do to you?

  7. "When life gives you aids… Make Lemon-aids." – Hutch 2013

  8. Fun Fact about the 420 Mini-game server which you played on: On the frogger mini game it is impossible to win. Once, somehow, a guy made it to the end but he didn't win. Everyone cried.

  9. You're basically throwing antlion guard testicles at the other players in the last game

  10. When life gives you aids make aidorade, right?

  11. The fuck YouTube I just watched a full Spanish commercial for 5 energy drink with no skip.

  12. Well I mean you could use Adblock but where's the fun, or help for that matter in doing that.

  13. @swfancas gmod doesn't mean game mode…

  14. Of course Seananners is the best at eating babies.

  15. The beginning part with the antlion guards gave me nostalgia mode from HL2: Ep2 when you're running from the antlion guardian :3

  16. More Minigame Vids. They're Hilarious!!

  17. Yeah iPad and PS3 combined = nothing because I could watch either one :/

  18. I'm just replying to get a notification when someone will figure it out. 😉

  19. do u know wich mode do u need to put online a server with that map?

  20. How do you play this maps on gmod with friends? 

  21. does anyone know where i can find this gamemode Thanks 🙂

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