GTA 5 DLC LEAKED - Multiple Casino's, Zombies, Mini Games (GTA V Online DLC) -

GTA 5 DLC LEAKED – Multiple Casino’s, Zombies, Mini Games (GTA V Online DLC)

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GTA 5 DLC LEAKED – Multiple Casino’s, Zombies, Mini Games (GTA V Online DLC). This Update comes to you from Granty showing you some interesting stuff. Smack that like button if you enjoyed and we’ll see you later!


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  1. Yea it might b a mask but if they do add zombies it would make it rubbish 🙁

  2. So….all you did was try to get people hyped up on pure speculation and rumors. the "ZMB" you are referring to in the code, as a programmer, I can tell you it stands for " Zero Memory Bytes", not zombies.

  3. Zombies really dont we have enough zombies games as it is bring the casinos out so I can gamble my money and increase my dough

  4. ZMB could be either initials for a new vehicle or the actual name for a new vehicle

  5. Zombies word make the game less realistic…

  6. Rockstar promised heists and those haven't come so I may be skeptical about what a random coder found

  7. the zombie thing has been way over done, R* doesn't need to jump on the bandwagon to sell games, maybe for a Halloween type holiday special, but that's it.

  8. We need a mode to be in a zombie singleplayer game like red dead undead nightmares that would be the greatest thing ever and with singleplayer missions trevor franklin and Michael and some of the crew like Lester finding the cure (like heists) and fight the Undead to survive and to find some other guys to do side missions like Dave and Ron. think of the cars you can do to them
    Like this comment if you agree

  9. Why does VG keep uploading these vids? Half the time these "leaked DLC" videos aren't true at all… On another note if this is actually real then Zombies is a bad idea… As a guy in an earlier comment said… This is a game to steal cars and kill people… You want zombies? Play another game

  10. Zmb could be a new gun maybe a pistol,long or a rocket luncher

  11. I really want a hydra and a zombies dlc the hydra would go ham on zombies oh and does anyone know if the hydra had any guns on it

  12. Just stop these kind of videos! you been saying all these kind of details and shit and nothing has really happened 

  13. i wonder where you got that outro song from

  14. Let it be a surprise for once. This guy sucks

  15. It's not zombies trust me it's Zumba dance DLC which is better guys

  16. Because of moders now there will never be any more surprises in GTA V so is it just me or are you annoyed your future dlc surprises are now ruined

  17. A zombie DLC like Red Deads would be great fun, hopefully it will be the same length too, Red Deads zombie DLC was like a full on game by itself.

  18. Sounds like saint row 3 when zombies just appeared. Hopefully it wouldn't become like saint row

  19. ZMB could be a new car. Maybe a convertible or roofless Zentorno called the Zentorno MB

  20. I think they will do something like they did with Undead Nightmere for RedDead. Maybe a new campaign with Michael, Trevor and Franklin trying to survive the zombie apocalipse…. I actually can see that hapening

  21. theres going to be a zombie  update because when i was watching a video i look at the commets and it said that it was a franking clinton message and it said this how did i get here i was watching a zombie survival video for the new update

  22. I think that it would be a good call if they did it as like undead nightmare with red dead but with co op

  23. Does this mean that there's going to be new achievements in gta V ?

  24. It be better killing zombies then other players

  25. Umm, ZMB means Zimbabwe duh, guys, were getting Zimbabwe dlc! Spread the news!

  26. Zombies would be awesome but the only thing that's bad about it is that it might come and then go then we will miss it 😭

  27. so many dumb people thinking that this could be a thing
    its not
    Grand Theft Auto V its about ROBBERS AND CRIME, if you want zombies, go play gta iv with mods, or RDR
    for the people that this can be optional: so many people will download the dlc that you will be forced to if you want to play online. also, i dont want to waste my hard drive in useless shit

  28. I think they should put a zombie survival instead

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