Harry Kane Challenges Jimmy to a Mini Game of Foosball (Extended) | The Tonight Show - minigamesltc.site

Harry Kane Challenges Jimmy to a Mini Game of Foosball (Extended) | The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Harry Kane talks about having an exhibit dedicated to him at the Museum of London, what inspired him to pursue a career in soccer growing up and being close to becoming England’s top goal-scorer of all time.

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Harry Kane Challenges Jimmy to a Mini Game of Foosball (Extended) | The Tonight Show



  1. He didn't mention which game Brady came to though…

  2. "You've won countless awards" team awards or individual awards?

  3. "You've won countless award"
    Yeah since you cannot use zero to count

  4. You won lots of trophy….guess he didn't know about Spurs

  5. Jimmy actually said that Kane won countless awards….

  6. Jimmy so bad at FIFA he thinks Tottenham is a good team 🤣

  7. What an effort to be understandable by Americans 😂

  8. Fun fact Harry Kane has never played for a team that won a trophy

  9. "Harry Kane the champ everybody" – the irony😂

  10. TBH Kane Is Not On My Footballers List That I Expecting Will Come To This Show.

  11. Jimmy : you've got many trophies

    Spurs laughing in the corner

  12. Overrated, overhyped, overpaid. Ohh and has won nothing

  13. “I play you” is a proof that Jimmy is playing FIFA street

  14. JImmy Fallon: You've won countless awards
    Football fans: But no trophies. 😀

  15. he’s our second highest goal scorer for a reason.
    The reason being Rooney is better.
    Love you tho Kane❤️

  16. we have to win a trophy this season🏆

  17. Both guest and interviewer have Irish origin names. Just reads funny Kane on Fallon and not only that he is talking about Brady 😉

  18. Why invite an overrated clown who scored only twice in the champions league?

  19. I never imagined Harry getting interviewed on a talk show, but well life is full of surprises. His entire family must be proud of him as much as his Tottenham's teammates of what he has achieved as a footballer although he was close to win a UCL.

  20. Jimmy trying to scrape up anything he can remember about football

  21. Ouff he made efforts to articulate these words, these sentences, there on this interview I manage to understand it.

  22. Khinda, khid. Damn, this guy is probably an Arabic, Harry Khane.

  23. The only footballer who sounds exactly like his 442oons character 🤣🤣

  24. Try moment he said “soccer” Kane went 😄😐

  25. Now it's England vs USA in group stage 🤣

  26. Imagine trying to do an English accent but you're not allowed to move your tongue from the bottom of your mouth…that's Harry Kane.

  27. He can at least win a major trophy (even if its not internationally well recognised) in NFL than he can ever do with Spurs. A player like him deserves so much better and a club like Spurs is not gonna help him.

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